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Extra Large Breed Dog Halloween Costumes – Top 7 Choices

Ah, Halloween, that one event in a year costume-lovers look forward to!

Even in the middle of a pandemic, no one can stop us from dressing up in our homes and decorating our backyards with pumpkins and candles. Along with our fun, of course, our furkids also deserve every minute of this festivity. As dog lovers ourselves, we want to make a special article about two of our favorite things: Halloween and Fido!

We make this blog post fun and spooky in a wholesome way with a top 7 list of extra large breed dog Halloween costumes for your gentle giant! Now grab a pencil and paper – we’re sure you’d be jotting down lots of ideas while reading our blog post!

What is an Extra Large Dog?

Dog breeds vary in weight and height. For example, there are extremely tall dogs with light bone structures while there are dogs that are medium in height but are packed with meat, making them heavy.

While there are no stringent rules as to how a dog is categorized as extra-large, a good rule of thumb is using the weight range of 95 to 200 lbs, as well as a shoulder height of above 24”. Since costumes are often measured in chest size, you should also consider the chest girth. For extra-large dogs, it measures between 30 to 40 inches on an estimate.

Breeds that pass this standard include Afghan Hound, Bernese Mountain Dog, Black Russian Terrier, Cane Corso, English Mastiff, Giant Schnauzer, Great Dane, Irish Wolfhound, Newfoundland, and Tibetan Mastiff, amongst many others.

By using the rough estimate we gave, we hope that you can be better guided in looking for a Halloween costume for your huge hound.

Now with those estimated numbers in mind, let’s find out the best extra large breed dog Halloween costumes in the market! For your safe and convenient shopping, we made a list of products from Amazon, straight to your doorsteps.

1) Rypet Dog Bat Costume

Massive dogs are not vicious like how many people believe they are. But if you think your canine has the face and build for it, then dressing like a villain for one day won’t hurt them one bit!

This Rypet Dog Bat Costume does the job well. Sometimes all you need is a mysterious bat wing costume to set the mood for your dog. This batwing is made with a 5 mm thick material for a lightweight and long-lasting costume. The adjustable velcro keeps it intact on the neck and chest without causing discomfort to Fido.

The chest strap measures 30 to 40 inches for XL dogs, 21 to 29 inches around the neck, and 29 inches long in length while its width is 14 inches.

Whether it’s for Halloween, a masquerade party, a costume party, birthday parties, and other similar events, this Rypet Dog Bat Costume can go a long way!

2) Rubie’s Costume DC Heroes and Villains Collection Pet Costume

Our dogs are our everyday heroes, so it’s not surprising to dress them up as your favorite superhero – in this case, like Batman!

This Rubie’s Pet Costume includes a headpiece, bat ears, chest piece, black cape, and yellow belt in the package. It comes in ranging sizes from S to XL. Its 100% polyester fabric is soft to the touch and easy to maintain, so you can use it for many Halloween events in the future.

The whole costume varies in fitting, depending on your dog’s breed, weight, and height. Yet according to the reviews section of this product, owners who purchased this costume are quite happy with the item!

To impress you more, this costume is an officially licensed DC Comics pet costume. You can be assured of the quality, fit, and accuracy. Turn your dog into a true superhero with one of these extra large breed dog Halloween costumes!

3) Kuoser Dog Tuxedo Dog Suit and Bandana Set

On a different note, not all heroes wear capes – some wear tuxedos! Available from S to XXL, we’re sure this dashing costume would fit your massive canine like a glove. Prepare yourself as Fido wins the hearts of many ladies and gentlemen with this proper-fitting tuxedo suit.

This one is made with a machine-washable two-piece set that can be worn separately on different occasions. It features an easy hook and loop enclosure that makes the costume easy to take on and off around the chest and neck.

It comes in beautiful color selections, too! Choose from black, black stripe, blue, and grey, so you and your furry Halloween date can meet the motif of the party and perhaps even bag the “Best Dressed” award!

4) DC Comics Superman Shirt and Cape Pet Costume

Another superhero costume that would look amazing on your canine is Superman. The vibrant colors are very noticeable and you won’t go wrong with the Superman patch.

Made with polyester fabric, this costume easily glides on your dog for easy wear. It has cozy stitching that makes it wearable even for extra large dogs. Expect to gain plenty of adoring fans and maybe a couple of laughs from such a witty costume.

Overall, you can be sure this Superman costume won’t break hearts. In fact, your canine is bound to get more treats and pats than ever! Don’t mind if your neighbors opt for a picture with Fido, too!

5) California Costumes Pet Action Hero Dog Costume Costume

Planning to dress your canine in a brave character? Nothing makes a better choice than Rambo! Tagged as Amazon’s Choice, this Pet Action Hero Dog Costume would surely make guests laugh with its quirky design.

From the bullet belt to the machine gun to the messy hairdo with red sweatband, this costume is certified iconic and would get applause from any true Rambo fan. It comes in S, M, and L. Fortunately, the large size goes beyond its true size, so it makes a great option among extra large breed dog Halloween costumes online.

The costume ties around the neck for a secure hold while the wig has an adjustable strap that you can fit well on your dog’s head to keep it from falling off. With the perfect angle, you can take a picture of Fido and make him really look like Rambo – just furrier and more adorable!

6) Zoo Snoods Grizzly Bear Dog Costume

In moments that you don’t want to make an exuberant effort in dressing your dog for Halloween, you can turn to this Zoo Snoods Grizzly Bear Dog Costume to have your dog participate in this spooky affair while partially dressed.

Handknitted with love and precision, you don’t have to worry about the comfort and wearability of this headpiece. It can fit large dogs with a head circumference of 18 to 26 inches, which includes breeds like Saint Bernard, Golden Retrievers, Rottweilers, and Mastiffs.

It’s made with soft yarn so the costume doubles as a winter essential to keep your canine away from allergies, colds, and wintery mishaps. With a carefully knitted costume, your dog would surely be welcomed in any Halloween party without the intricate dresses.

The best part about Zoo Snoods is it gives back to other dogs in need. For each time you buy from Zoo Snoods, a portion of the proceeds goes to welfare organizations focused on rescuing animals. If you want to help a cause and make a helpful product a part of your dog’s wardrobe, consider Zoo Snoods Grizzly Bear Dog Costume among other extra large breed dog Halloween costumes in the market.

7) California Costumes Pet Monarch Butterfly Dog Costume

When you run out of fancy costumes to dress Fido, you can trust any wing costume to give your pet a quick style without the expensive cost.

This butterfly dog costume comes in x-small, small, medium, and large, with its sizes running bigger than usual, so you can bet that your massive canine will fit this dainty butterfly strap-on.

The wings themselves are made with polyester fabric and include a headpiece with an antenna. It’s easy to strap on your dog without limiting its movements. Meanwhile, the headpiece would surely receive laughs and smiles from well-meaning guests.

Whether you’re out and about for Halloween or you’re attending a dog party, this California Costumes Pet Monarch Butterfly Dog Costume will have your dog looking extra among the crowd.

Final Thoughts

There are many extra large breed dog Halloween costumes in the market, both in physical stores and online. These costumes are bound to fit your massive hound with utmost comfort and mobility, considering their girth, height, and body structure. The best part is, they’re not as expensive as you think! They also don’t have to be over the top for your fur pal to qualify for Halloween.

We hope this short fun listicle helps you find the best dress for your hound among the extra large breed dog Halloween costumes offered by brands and make one memorable spooky affair with your furry best friend!

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