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What Should You Feed Fido Amid the Recent Dog Food Scare?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the rising number of pet food recalls? Wondering what you can safely feed your beloved Fido without waking up to a recall announcement?

You’re not alone. This increased prevalence of recalls began when a manufacturer used wheat gluten in their dog food, causing a series of issues. Like many, you may have started scrutinizing food labels, hoping to find a safer product for your pet.

Sadly, this proved fruitless when another manufacturer was reported to have used rice concentrate in their dog food, without listing it on the package. This has left many dog owners feeling frustrated and fearful, questioning what food is genuinely safe.

Are you one of the many pet owners now resorting to feeding your dog homemade human food? While it may seem like an easy solution, it’s not necessarily the best route. Keep in mind, human food can make dogs and other pets ill, as their digestive systems aren’t designed for it. This can lead to as many issues as the recalled pet food if not managed cautiously.

But should you decide to make your own dog food, it’s crucial to use healthy, organic ingredients. Avoid anything with artificial components or chemically treated food. Organic is your safest bet.

Does making your own dog food seem daunting? Then consider dog foods that contain minimal grains. While there’s no concrete evidence stating grains are the root cause of these issues, it’s worth noting grains have been used as fillers in pet food in recent years.

Looking for some expert advice? The first three ingredients on the label should be a source of protein like beef, chicken, fish, or turkey. A good amount of protein is essential for your dog’s diet. Also, don’t purchase any dog food that doesn’t clearly display the company’s name, phone number, or web address.

Avoid generic or store brand dog foods, as these often come from bulk suppliers. Instead, opt for a reputable brand.

Remember, dog food can be safe, but it’s up to you to ensure Fido’s diet is healthy. Carefully read labels and prioritize high-quality food. By doing so, you can sidestep the issues caused by pet food recalls.

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