are golden retrievers good apartment dogs

Are Golden Retrievers Good Apartment Dogs?

Golden retrievers are popular dogs that are often the subject of many debates. Some people are convinced that they are terrible apartment dogs, while others say they are perfect for living in a small space. But what is the real answer?

In this blog post, we will explore if golden retrievers make good apartment dogs or not. We’ll also talk about some tips to help you train your dog and keep them happy!

1. Golden retrievers are large dogs, so they need a lot of space

Golden Retrievers have an average height of 21-25 inches and they weigh about 55-75 pounds. In official dog classifications, Golden doggos are considered medium to large dogs. So you may want to check out your apartment if it has enough space for a large dog to play around. Also, if you’re living in a rented place, consider asking your landlord in case they set weight limitations for pets in your apartment.

If you want to maximize your apartment space, consider choosing female retrievers because they are smaller than their male counterparts. Also, why not give them a dedicated doggo space? You can assign them a spot in your apartment they can call their own.

It’s best to choose a corner that’s quiet, hidden, and well-ventilated. If you always put them near your main apartment door, they will always get distracted by the sounds and smells of passersby.

To make sure that they’re happy in your apartment, give them comfortable dog beds to sleep on. Do remember to also add clean food and water nearby to satisfy their doggo needs.

So, are golden retrievers good apartment dogs? They definitely are if you give them enough space!

2. They’re also energetic and require a lot of exercise

If you need a kind of doggo that will motivate you to go out there, bask yourself in the sunshine, and explore the wonders of mother earth, then look no more. You need a golden retriever as your outgoing partner.

Golden retrievers are very energetic. How energetic you ask? Well, they are a very popular breed in the U.S. precisely because of their boundless energy as service dogs. They are perfect guides for the blind, and they excel in search and rescue missions!

So keep this in mind when you decide to adopt a golden puppy into your family. To have a Golden Retriever means you need to have an active life! Even when your little retriever pup grows into adulthood, they will still carry over their outgoing, playful nature.

What type of exercise is best for them? Think of long runs, bike rides, and canine sports. Hunting trips and field trials can also make your golden furbaby very happy! These exercises shouldn’t be the icing on the cake. They have to be the cake. Because a retriever Fido will misbehave when they don’t get the physical and mental stimulation they need.

For the fun part, try this #1 best-seller dog toy ball launcher. It upgrades your ball’s speed and distance to really set your golden doggo on fire running after that ball! On the other hand, it makes it easier on your part. You may have heard, a retriever’s energy far outmatches their hooman’s two to one!

When it’s time to go home and leave for work, you may want to hand them over this squeaky Lambchop Plush Dog Toy to keep them entertained. This way, they can rest and play to their heart’s content while waiting for you to come home.

The golden doggo’s playful nature is an important factor when considering them as apartment dogs. As long as you engage them in interactive, high-energy exercises daily, you’ll keep them happy and healthy!

3. Golden retrievers shed, but it’s mostly bearable

Retriever doggos have thick golden-colored double coats that became the inspiration for their name. Thankfully they shed their double coats only once or twice a year. But they do shed some of their topcoats frequently.

So don’t be surprised to see golden fur sprinkled on your furniture. The key is to slicker-brush them at least once a week. You can try this #1 best-seller Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush to remove the stray fur before it even has the chance to land on your sofa. Your golden Fido will love the sensations and will thank you by lavishing you with multiple nose bumps and wet kisses.

But when it’s time for them to shed their double coats, they will need your brushing skills daily. So before you decide to bring in a retriever fur buddy into your apartment, think of the potential mess their fur will make. Will the furniture survive? Do you have enough space to diffuse golden fur on busy days?

4. Golden Retrievers do not bark excessively

Golden Retrievers are among the friendliest dogs on the planet. And so if you’re concerned they will aggressively bark at every passerby, they won’t. As long as you give them the attention, exercise, and daily nutrition they need, this won’t be a problem.

But there is something you need to be warned of: because golden doggos are very affectionate, they’ll often shower you with welcome yappies when you come home! So don’t panic and fumble over your keys. They simply can’t wait to tell you about your day! So why not have a little walk around the block to let them release the excitement?

You can expect the same situation to happen when their friends come along for a visit. It could be the mailman, your family member, or a neighboring dog. Expect to hear their happy barks as they joyfully wag their tails!

So are Golden Retrievers good apartment dogs? When it comes to noise control they are! But if you don’t keep them happy, they may develop barking issues.

5. Golden Fidos have excellent temperament and are very obedient

Golden Retrievers are very intelligent and can learn quickly. They are eager to please their hooman friends, making them easy to train. This is critical when you live in an apartment with limited space.

You need to teach Fido good doggo manners to prevent them from pawing food off the table or biting furniture. Since retrievers have sweet temperaments, they would do their best to make you happy by obeying your commands.

Their eagerness to obey comes in handy when potty training. If you have outdoor space for them to go to when nature calls, you may want to try this Door Bell Dog Bells for Potty Training. When you hang these on the door, your golden furbaby can easily ring it when they want to go outside. Say goodbye to carpet accidents and door scratches!

But if you don’t have your own yard, no problem! Training your Retriever fur buddy to poo on this Pet Loo Portable Indoor Dog Potty is easy, especially when you lavish them with treats for being good doggos!

If you do have the right potty systems in your apartment, you’d love to welcome a Golden Retriever puppy into your home. Their desire to obey and please you makes them excellent companions!

6. They get along well with children and other pets

Golden doggos easily befriend people and other dogs. So if you have children and other pets in your apartment, your golden furbaby will jive right in! They’re so gentle they can carry an egg in their mouths without cracking the shell!

Of course, it would be wise to be cautious when pairing them with “prey pets” like rabbits or ducks. Golden Retrievers are bred as hunting dogs so they have the instinct to hunt prey animals. But if your retriever puppy grows up with lots of prey pets around them, they’ll learn to override their hunting instinct with loving friendship.

So if you’re looking for friendly dogs who can befriend both your human and animal family in your apartment, you’ll be happy to add in a loving Golden Retriever.

But if you need a guardian dog to protect your apartment against intruders, then Golden Retrievers shouldn’t be on your list. They are too sweet and friendly to attack anyone!

7. Golden Retrievers need their hooman

Out of all the considerations you read so far, this is the most important. How often will you be home? Golden Fidos love their owners very much. They need your love and attention! Do you know that leaving your retriever furbaby alone for more than 8 hours causes them great distress?

An unhappy Golden Retriever is restless, anxious, destructive, and noisy. In the end, you’ll be unhappy too! So remember to take note of your career path when thinking of having a Golden doggo as your companion.

If you often travel for business meetings, perhaps getting a smaller dog who can travel with you is a better choice. But leaving your Golden fur buddy alone for long periods should never be an option.

The Final Verdict:

What’s the final verdict? Are Golden Retrievers good apartment dogs? The answer is a big “YES!”

But just like with any dog really, you have to take care of them according to their nature. If not, you’ll have a hard-to-control Golden doggo zooming back and forth across your apartment!

If after reading this article you’re ready to invest your time, money, love, and energy in caring for a Golden Retriever, then by all means, go for it!

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