Waterproof Dog Bed Covers

Top 7 Waterproof Dog Bed Covers

Dogs tend to wet their beds, no matter how well trained they are. It also doesn’t stop with peeing. Aside from not being able to hold in their pee any longer, they could be sloppy canines with messy saliva issues. They could also be senior dogs with bladder problems or puppies that have yet to be trained. Thus, it would save you a lot of time if you use one of the waterproof dog bed covers commonly sold in any pet shop or on Amazon.

Whichever type of personality your dog holds, we provide practical solutions to wet bedding tendencies with our list of top 7 waterproof dog bed covers and beds for your beloved pooch.

Every product we feature is handpicked with the best ratings and reviews for your satisfaction. Without further ado, let’s get to it!

Factors to Consider Before Buying Waterproof Dog Bed Covers

Dogs are more than pets. They are family, so it’s important to invest in good quality products for the betterment of their lives. Likewise, choosing any waterproof dog bed covers takes serious consideration so you can be sure that you and your canine are getting the best value for money.

Don’t just settle for the first product you see online – review each prospect item carefully and see how it fits your dog’s needs. Factors that should be up to consider include size, shape, coverage, material or fabric, and waterproof features.

Some owners may be confused with water-resistant, water-repellant, and waterproof cover, so let us break down the differences.

A water-resistant fabric resists intrusion but doesn’t provide a guaranteed barrier. Among the three categories, this has the lowest level of protection. A water-repellent fabric has a medium level of protection that repels water.

The highest water protection has a waterproof quality that provides a complete barrier against water and other liquids. A waterproof product can be completely submersible without causing damage.

Below are 7 products you may want to consider when you’re looking for a solution to your furkid’s bedwetting incidents.

1. Bedsure Large Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed

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This memory foam designed for large breeds will surely give your canine the waterproof feature necessary for better and dryer days ahead. Made with polyester, this dog bed is meant for soft and peaceful slumbers and non-skid use. Its memory foam material provides orthopedic and joint support with its body contouring foam.

It’s 100% waterproof with a full coverage liner plus a water-resistant cover. For your convenience, you can easily remove and wash the cover in the machine. It’s also suitable for indoor and outdoor use featuring its skid-free bottom that’s great on any type of surface.

Overall, this product is perfect for dogs up to 70 lbs without causing discomfort in any position. Senior and arthritic dogs would benefit the most from this Bedsure Large Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed.

2. Laifug Orthopedic Memory Foam

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This memory foam has a double pillow design that lets Fido sleep either way. It’s designed with a custom 100% microfiber waterproof liner and a water-resistant cover that’s machine washable and cleaning-friendly for furry pets. Say no more to fur strands on your pet bed and grueling hours of vacuuming!

It has a layer of 30D orthopedic memory foam and 45D memory foam. Together, these layers provide a high layer of protection, comfort, and support for your dog’s bones and hefty weight.

Its sizes include Medium (34” x 22” x 7”), Large (46” x 28” x 8”), and Jumbo (50” x 36” x 10”). It doesn’t flatten or create unbalanced contours even over three years of use. Choose from colors Blue, Dark Green, Slate Grey, and Chocolate.

3. SPORT PET Luxury Waterproof Pet Bed

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Not all bed covers have to look plain and ordinary. This SPORT PET Luxury Waterproof Pet Bed gives a luxurious feel with its waterproof encasement cover. It keeps the whole bed accident-free whether from pee, water, or lick stains.

Its luxurious faux fur will have your dog napping in heaven, its high-density comfy foam is bound to support joints from every angle, and its waterproof lining takes away the hassle of manually washing the cover by hand.

The entire cover is removable and provides convenient cleaning with its machine-safe material. Physically, it definitely looks more special than any ordinary pet bed cover in the market! Feel free to purchase the entire bed or the cover only. For precise measurements, this Luxury Waterproof Pet Bed comes in the dimensions of 36” by 36” by 11.5”.

4. PetAmi Waterproof Dog Blanket for Bed, Couch, Sofa

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With a pet bed ready and the cover is all you need, you can trust this PetAmi Waterproof Dog Blanket to do the job. This blanket is made with 100% waterproof and leak-proof material that won’t let a single drop of urine or water penetrate to the other side of the throw. This keeps the pet bed surface clean and fluid-free.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, this blanket has a versatile design that makes it suitable for use in dog crates, kennels, and pet mats. It also features a reversible design that has both sides comfy and soft either way. The fabric is made with 460 GSM premium microfiber polyester for a soft texture, management weight, and long-lasting material.

Get this PetAmi Waterproof Dog Blanket in 50 by 40 inches, 60 by 40 inches, 80 by 60 inches, or 90 by 90 inches in available colors like Black, Blue, Brown, Charcoal, Checkered Red, Gray/Gray Sherpa, Taupe, Taupe Sherpa, Wine, Brown/Brown Sherpa, Light Grey Sherpa, Navy/Gray Sherpa, Plaid Charcoal Grey, Plaid Light Grey, Plaid Navy, and Plaid Taupe.

5. 4Knines Dog Bed Liner

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Granted that you already have a pet bed and all you need is a liner, this 4Knines Dog Bed Liner will have your canine enjoying sweet slumber every night. The whole liner is washable in the machine and easy to hang for drying. Ultimately, it has a soft, comfortable, and waterproof material for your dog’s utmost convenience and comfort.

This one has a rectangular shape that’s versatile for common dog beds. It comes in Medium (27 by 36 by 6 inches), Large (45 by 36 by 6 inches), X-large (54 by 36 by 6 inches), and Round (45 by 45 by 6 inches).

If you find that the sizes are not particularly specific with the dog bed you have, have no worries – the fabric has a good stretch to it that makes that liner adapt well to any dog bed you already own. Verified purchasers can attest to the durability of this dog bed liner. As long as the zippers are tight shut, then you won’t have anything to worry about.

6. Furhaven Orthopedic Dog Bed

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When it comes to trusted, reliable, and durable dog bed covers minus the frills and details, Furhaven is the brand to trust. They produce traditional mattress liners that provide a waterproof coating for full protection against leakages, allergens, and all sorts of irritants to keep your furbaby well protected and safe.

Choose from the available various sizes to accommodate your canine’s build. It’s specifically designed to fit traditional Furhaven beds with no issues and provides a straightforward mechanism for putting on and removing them. From small to jumbo plus, Furhaven caters to dogs of different breeds and comfort needs.

For specific measurements, this liner has total coverage of 44 by 35 by 0.5 inches. Looking at the review section, fellow pawrents are quite satisfied with their Furhaven purchase. It’s apparent how the liner fits well with their Furhaven dog bed. Best of all, say goodbye to water penetration!

7. Gorilla Grip Premium Waterproof Pet Pad

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Not all dog mats are designed the same way, just like how this Gorilla Grip Premium Waterproof Pet Pad is built durably for your dog’s extensive use. It features 4 powerful layers that work strongly to protect your dog bed’s surface without giving away any hole or access for liquid penetration.

This pet pad is soft and gentle on dog paws for their ultimate comfort. It has a premium leak absorption quality that doesn’t let the urine or water go through the surface of the bed. With the combination of a quilted top layer, leak-proof inner layers, and non-slip backing, housebreaking would be a breeze for you and Fido.

Sustainability is highlighted in this Waterproof Pet Pad, considering its machine-washable and reusable structure. Use it in crates, cars, dog beds, and floors. Various dimensions are offered for your choosing from a small 14 by 10 inches size to a massive 46 by 28 inches coverage.

Final Thoughts

Dog bed covers come in different sizes, shapes, materials, and textures. Instead of blowing your money on disposable pads, we believe that it’s more sustainable to invest in one of the recommended waterproof dog bed covers that will allow you to wash it time and time again for your permanent use.

Most waterproof liners or covers can accommodate as much as 300 washes with complete absorption for zero penetration on the bed surface. This makes housebreaking much swifter without the need to accumulate plenty of liner wastes. At the end of the day, using a waterproof dog bed cover will bring comfort and practicality to your dog and peace of mind to yourself.

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