15 Best Halloween Costumes For Dogs 2021

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Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking of the best Halloween costumes for dogs in 2021! It’s been a tough year for everyone. Why not have a much-needed break by giving yourself and your furry buddy laughter and joy before the year ends?

Get ready for fun as we reveal 15 of the best costumes for dogs that are perfect for Halloween in 2021!

1. TOMSENN Dog Lion Mane

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Your dog is the king of the jungle, but he needs a mane to prove it!

You can turn your adorable doggo into a ferocious king of the jungle with this Tomsem Dog Lion Mane. This is one of the most realistic and best-fitting lion manes for dogs that we’ve seen out there! It’s made from high quality Polyester fiber, which ensures it will last you through many adventures together. Cleaning up after your dog is also quick and easy thanks to its woolen material.

Put this on Fido, and you’ll be laughing all day long as you watch your doggo Simba go wild! Just make sure Scar isn’t hiding around the corner. Yikes!

2. Delifur Cowboy Rider Style Dog Costume

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Your furbaby will surely be the cutest cowboy in town this Halloween with this costume!

This cowboy-style dog suit is amazing for your furry friend. It’s made of polyester and non-woven fabric, so it’s soft and breathable. Plus, it comes with everything you need to transform your doggo into a cowpoke – including an adorable hat that features two ears sticking out from either side of its brim.

The cowboy’s hat and triangular binder can be put on and taken off. And the best part? You can turn your pet into a humoristic horse with this cool design!

If you want to make Fido feel like they’re in the Wild West, then you have to get them this costume. You’ll never regret the cuteness overload afterwards!

3. Mogoko Funny Dog Shark Costumes

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Get ready to have the most adorable and hilarious doggo shark on the block this Halloween. Mogoko Funny Dog Shark Costume is wonderful for any dog-lover looking to make their fur buddy into a cute shark. These costumes are made of high-quality materials that will last through all those tail wags, head butts, and belly rubs.

It’s so easy to put these costumes on because four buttons allow you to easily slip the costume in and out. You don’t even have to worry about struggling with zippers or Velcro straps. And don’t forget about the hat – who doesn’t want their dog wearing a shark hat?!

4. Rypet Dog Bat Costume

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The Rypet Dog Bat Costume will make your furbaby look like the coolest creature on earth! It’s made from high-quality felt and is lightweight so that Fido can breeze along with their badass wings. The wings are designed to last, and they’ll make your furry friend look amazing all night long.

The batwing is made of a 5 mm thick felt cloth. This cloth ensures that the shape of the bat lasts for a time. With these wings, your doggo will be ready to go trick or treating with you and all their friends. Plus, it’s easy to take care of – just hand wash in cold water and lay flat to dry.

5. California Costumes Pet UPS Pal

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If you want a year’s worth of laughter, you need to give your fur buddy this costume, especially if they go crazy with the UPS guy! This brown Pet Ups Pal Costume is the pawsome way to dress up your dog this Halloween.

It’s made of 100% polyester fabric and fiberfill, so it’s soft and comfortable for your dog. The shirt has sleeves for their front legs and fastens around their neck with Velcro. The stuffed arms on the front of the shirt have Velcro dots to hold a box. The foam visor has an elastic chin strap.

Get ready to have a blast dressing up your favorite four-legged friend in their new outfit and taking them trick or treating around the neighborhood. There’s nothing better than seeing all those smiles when people see your Fido walking down the street in their new outfit!

6. Dog Mail Carrier Costume USPS

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Would you rather have Fido carry your mail instead? Then this blue costume variation is what you need! Just like the previous costume, this one’s also made of 100% polyester and includes stuffed arms with hook and loop closures on the paws. The cardboard box has hook and loop closures to attach to hands to make your fur buddy look adorable and funny!

It’s guaranteed to give your loved ones a good laugh for Halloween!

7. NACOCO Pet Dog Costume Pirates of The Caribbean Style

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NACOCO Pet Dog Costume is a marvelous outfit to dress Fido up as one of the most iconic Pirates of the Caribbean characters. The clothes are machine washable and are worn in the forelegs and head, so it’s easy to put on and take off. Put the hat on, and your furry buddy is ready to set sail!

Wouldn’t it be fantastic for you to get a matching Jack Sparrow costume? What a great way to spice up Halloween!

8. Rubie’s Wonder Woman Dog Costume

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Rubie’s DC Comics Wonder Woman Pet Costume is the perfect way to dress up your furry friend this Halloween. This officially licensed, one-piece outfit features a large Wonder Woman symbol in the headpiece. The red dress also has a huge Wonder Woman symbol so that no one can miss it!

The bottom part of the outfit is a blue skirt wrapped by a gold belt, with white stars sprinkled all over it. With this costume, your pet will look just like your favorite superhero!

So if you fear villains may attack you on Halloween, fear not! Your faithful Wonder Doggo by your side is ready to kick butt!

9. Rubie’s Star Wars Ewok Pet Costume

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Rubie has another trick up its sleeve. You can dress Fido up as an Ewok! Your furry friend will be the talk of the town this year with Rubie’s Star Wars Ewok Pet Costume.

It’s an officially licensed Star Wars Ewok Pet Costume that includes a brown top with hood, cowl neck, and attached ears. It also comes with an attached headpiece that has an elastic band for easy on-and-off wearability.

The headpiece features two large fuzzy ears that will make your pet feel like one of the lovable Ewoks from Star Wars! Fido will be ready to go trick-or-treating in this adorable outfit, and everyone who sees your doggo will go “Ee chee wa maa!”

10. Rubie’s Star Wars Jedi Pet Costume

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Maybe you’d like to elevate Fido’s level from an Ewok to a full-blown Jedi. If the force is strong with your fur buddy, you surely don’t want to miss out on Rubie’s Star Wars Classic Jedi Robe Pet Costume.

This officially licensed Star Wars costume is a powerful way for you to celebrate your favorite franchise and have some fun with your furry friend. They’ll look adorable in this brown cloak featuring an attached hood, complete with dog ear holes so as not to strain their ears.

Not only that but it also has a tan shirt and belt included- great news for pets who are always on the go! With this costume, your furry friend will be ready to explore the galaxy far, far away!

11. DC Comics Teen Titans Robin Pet Costume

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Do you love Robin, the Boy Wonder? Maybe you’d like to have a Doggo Wonder for Halloween!

The DC Comics Teen Titans Robin Pet costume is amusing for your little sidekick. It’s made of high-quality materials, including a red shirt, green sleeves, cape and eye mask. You can choose to attach or detach the yellow cape as you like. Put on this costume on your doggo and let all the kiddos tremble around the block! Your furry Robin will steal the scene with this one. Doggo Titans, go!

12. Coomour Halloween Dog Costume Pet Wizard Shirt

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Are you planning for a Harry Potter theme for this year’s Halloween? Then you need a Fido Wizard to complete the setup! Worry not because this Coomour Halloween Dog Costume Pet Wizard Shirt is exactly what you’re looking for!

Its breathable material is comfortable for your furry buddy. And if they get their wizard shirt dirty, don’t worry! You can machine wash it with cool water (though hand washing is recommended). It comes in 4 sizes: small, medium, large, and X-large. Check it out!

13. Impoosy Halloween Dog Costume

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Are you itching to unleash Fido’s Ninja skills this Halloween? You don’t have to look further! Impoosy Halloween Dog Costume is here to make your dreams come true. This soft and breathable Uchiha-inspired fabric comes with velcro closures. So it’s easy for you to put on or take off from your pet.

This ninja costume will fit Fido no matter what size – from small pups like Yorkies up to big dogs like Great Danes! Just make sure to check the size chart to get the right one.

14. Gimilife Disney Stitch Cartoon Costume

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Nobody gets left behind in this Halloween fun! If you want some Lilo and Stitch vibe this 2021, you don’t want to miss out on this attire.

Introducing the Gimilife Disney Stitch Cartoon Costume! It’s made of high-quality shorn velvet and sponge fleece, so it’s comfortable and soft to wear. The costume covers the stitch head, ears, and tail. You don’t have to worry if it fits your doggo or not, because they have costumes available for all sizes.

Put it on Fido, and just watch the way that sneaky stitch walks around! You’ll enjoy seeing how cute your furry buddy is in this outfit. Plus, it has sticky straps that make it easy to put on.

15. HAPEE Dog Sweaters For Halloween

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If you’re looking for a classic and cute Halloween pumpkin design on a doggo sweater, you’d want to check this costume out.

The HAPEE Dog Sweater is perfect for your fur buddy’s fall wardrobe. These sweaters have an elasticity that makes them easy to put on without any struggle. They’re also made with lightweight material, so they’ll keep your dog comfortable this season. There’s no doubt Fido will love putting it on because they’re very soft, warm, and cozy!

Final Thoughts on Best Halloween Costumes For Dogs 2021

Halloween is a time for letting your creativity run wild and coming up with the best costumes. No matter your budget, you can find a Halloween costume that will make you, Fido, and the whole neighborhood happy this year! Whether it’s pirates or Star Wars costumes, there are plenty of options on the market to suit every doggo!

This year, we’ve picked 15 of our favorite pet costumes that are sure to please both you and your dog. Whether you’re looking for something simple or elaborate, there’s a costume here for everyone. Let us know what your favorites are in the comments below!

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