are scented candles safe for dogs

Are Scented Candles Safe for Dogs?

Scented candles are sacred. They release a pleasant fragrance that boosts mood while masking lousy odors. In addition, these sweet-smelling candles produce a flickering flame to give your home a peaceful ambiance. Nonetheless, we guess you’ve heard people asking are scented candles safe for dogs? If you are here because of the rumors, this post will clear the air.

Are scented candles safe for dogs?

There are two types of scented candles. One type contains cheap, synthetic wax, fragrances, and wicks. It releases toxic fumes that can harm you and your dog. The other type is an improved version of the potentially dangerous scented candles.

It contains natural and safe wax, wicks, and fragrances. It will warm up your home with sweet aromas without releasing lethal fumes.

Toxic compounds to watch out for in scented candles:

1: Paraffin wax

Paraffin wax is the most toxic compound in scented candles. When burnt, paraffin wax, a waste product of petroleum, will release toluene, acetone, benzene, and other poisonous fumes. Prolonged exposure to these fumes will cause lung cancer, asthma, allergies, and other respiratory disorders.

Apart from the toxic fumes, paraffin wax produces soot, which can make your dog sick by triggering, wheezing, coughing, and difficulty in breathing.

Researchers claim that low-grade scented candles produce more toxic fumes than a diesel engine left running for 40 minutes.

are scented candles safe for dogs

2: Synthetic perfume and fragrances

Paraffin wax isn’t the only toxic compound found in cheap scented candles. But they also contain synthetic fragrances that can release toxic fumes into your indoor air. The common poisonous fumes in low-grade candles are:

• Phthalates

Manufacturers use phthalates as a solvent for the fragrance used in candles. Prolonged exposure to this plasticizer will harm your dog’s liver, kidney, heart, lungs, and reproductive system. It is a sure way to lower your dog’s lifespan.

• Carcinogenic compounds

Besides phthalates, the perfume or fragrance in low-grade candles releases formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, benzophenone, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. These compounds can cause organ toxicity, lung cancer, and tumors.

3: Lead wicks

Traditionally, candle manufacturers used lead wicks in their scented candles. The lead is what kept the wick standing upright while burning. However, today, health authorities around the world discourage the use of lead wicks. Reason? They can cause lead poisoning to you, your loved ones, and your furry buddy.

Nonetheless, while lead wicks are banned in the US and other countries, some unethical manufacturers still use this heavy metal. Prolonged exposure can lead to respiratory problems, memory loss, and behavioral problems.

4: Irritating essential oils

Even the scented candles with natural essential or fragrance oils aren’t safe. Some natural essential oils can irritate your dog’s respiratory system, cause difficulty breathing, as well as trigger allergies. There are of course some essential oils that are known to calm your furry friend from separation anxiety.

essential oils safe for dogs

The essential oils known to irritate canines include:

• Tea tree oil
• Clove
• Camphor
• Eucalyptus
• Wintergreen
• Peppermint
• Pine

Great alternatives to toxic scented candles

While scented candles seem too dangerous for you and your dog, you can still find some sweet-smelling options made from all-natural ingredients. They burn without releasing the dreaded toxic fumes. Manufacturers make such candles from:

1: Natural waxes

Today, scented candle manufacturers use coconut wax, soy wax, or beeswax to make their candles. Unlike paraffin wax, these natural waxes are entirely safe. They don’t release irritating and carcinogenic fumes.

Instead of toxic fumes, the natural waxes, more specifically bees’ wax candles, release negative ions into your indoor air to eliminate dust, odor, pollen, and other air pollutants in your interior.

Since natural waxes have slower-burning times, their candles will serve you for a pretty long period. That means you won’t break your bank to keep your interior smelling great and glowing lambently.

2: Non-toxic wicks

Safe scented candles have cotton, wood, or hemp wicks. They do not use lead wicks. These non-toxic wicks will light up your room subtly and fill it with sweet fragrances without exposing your furry friend to lead fumes.

Since each non-toxic wick comes with unique characteristics, you should make sure you go for a candle with the proper wick.

• Hemp candle wick

Made from hemp fiber, this wick burns slowly while producing little heat and carbon emission. Instead of toxic fumes, this wick releases traces of cannabinoids, which are supposedly healthy for you and you’re your dog. Nonetheless, scented candles with a hemp wick are costly and hard to find.

• Wood candle wick

Wood wicks are a great alternative to dog owners who have reservations about hemp wicks. These wicks produce a warm glow that will give your room an ambiance that soothes and calms. The wick crackles softly, burns without producing soot, and of course, it doesn’t produce toxic fumes. However, lighting a wood wick takes time which can be a turn-off for many people.

• Cotton wicks

Cotton wicks are the most common. Unlike wood and hemp wicks, the cotton wicks will not go off when exposed to a gust of wind. They are therefore suitable for outdoor settings where the wind is strongly blowing. Nonetheless, these wicks burn quickly and unevenly. Some unscrupulous manufacturers can dip the wicks in the toxic paraffin to make them light quickly.

essential oils and dogs

3: Non-irritating essential oils

In place of synthetic fragrance, manufacturers use dog-friendly essential oils in their scented candles. When burnt, the vital oils release calming scents to help you and your dog calm down. They won’t irritate your dog’s airways even after several hours of exposure.

But, since some essential oils can irritate your dog’s airways, pick your scented candles wisely. Probably, you should go for candles made from dog-friendly essential oils like chamomile, frankincense, lavender, and myrrh.

Best scented candles that are safe for dogs

Finding scented candles that are safe for dogs isn’t always easy. You will have to comb through thousands of candles in stores, scrutinize the ingredients on their label, and then pick a safe candle that smells great.

You’ll need several hours to execute this assignment. But, what if you don’t have that time? Here are great scented candles you would consider. They are safe, and they release appealing scents.

• One Fur 100% natural soy wax candle

One Fur’s natural soy wax candle is an archetype for dog-friendly scented candles. It features 100% cotton wick and 100% soy wax. The candle is free of formaldehyde, phthalates, paraffin wax, and other toxic compounds associated with low-grade scented candles.

With this candle, you won’t sacrifice your health and that of your furry friend for the sake of enjoying the sweet scents.

Since dog lovers have a unique preference for fragrances, One Fur candle comes in 60 scent variations. We bet you will never miss a scent that pleases you most. A single candle will offer 60 hours of burn time.

• La Jolie Muse Scented Candle

Made from 100% soy wax and cotton wicks, the La Jolie Muse scented candle is another great fit for homeowners with concerns with the regular scented candles. It is free of harmful compounds that could cause disease, irritate Fido’s airways, or trigger an allergy attack.

La Jolie Muse scented this candle with jasmine essential oils. When burnt, the oil fills your interior with a tantalizing aroma that calms naturally. A single candle will offer service for 50-65 hours.

• Scented, Premium Peach Amber Candle

Make your home an oasis of peace and tranquility with the exquisite Premium Peach Amber candle. An alluring mixture of jasmine, orange blossom, sandalwood, amber & musk combine to provide a scent that is both calming and inviting for you as well as for your furry companion after long days/stressful moments.

The luxurious gift box gives it even more appeal – making sure your special furry friend in your life feels extra cherished! Plus they are safe due to their soy wax construction free from paraffin toxins found often elsewhere. So go ahead–enjoy some much needed relaxation at its best!

FAQs for Are Scented Candles Safe For Dogs?

In this post, we’ve tried to address as many concerns as possible with regards to whether scented candles are toxic for your furry friends. There may, however, be additional concerns you have and below are some frequently asked questions on this topic.

Scented candles are a popular choice for creating a warm, inviting atmosphere in any home; however, there are also a range of additional advantages that come with using them.

Not only can scented candles help to mask unpleasant odors and add a pleasant hint of fragrance to any room, but many people also find these products useful in reducing stress. They are often used as part of self-care or relaxation practices due to their calming effect when they are lit alongside certain essential oils.

Scented candles are a popular way to make a home smell inviting, but are they safe for dogs? Unfortunately, the answer isn’t clear cut. Some scented candles are just fine for dogs, but others are not. Scented candles that use synthetic fragrances are usually considered toxic to animals.

Natural candles are much less of a hazard and may be safe for Fido, as long as they are far away from his nose. However, pet owners should always research any scented candle before purchasing it to make sure that it will be safe and non-toxic in their home.

Are scented candles safe for dogs? This is a tricky question, as there are different types of candles with varied levels of toxicity. Burning candles that are made from beeswax or plant-based wax are usually non-toxic and safe for your furry friends.

However, synthetic scented candles can emit toxins such as toluene and benzene which are known to be harmful when inhaled by dogs. Since it can be difficult to determine the composition of a candle simply by looking at it, it is wise to exercise caution and opt for naturally scented candles if you have dogs in the home. Moreover, you should also ensure that all lit candles are kept away from your pup’s curious nose!

Many pet owners are concerned about are scented candles safe for dogs, particularly when it comes to the risk of triggering a seizure. Seizures are not always caused by exposure to scent, but research suggests that some dogs are more sensitive than others and could be at greater risk of having an episode. Scents like cinnamon and vanilla are favourites of many pet owners, but these are also two of the strongest-scented candles that may put a dog at risk of experiencing seizures.

It is advisable to be very careful when using scented candles around pets and research any potential risks in advance. Taking preventive measures like keeping strong-scented candles out of reach or using electric diffusers are suggested to help protect pets from potential associated risks.

If you are a pet-owner, it is natural to want to light a few candles in your home for special occasions or just for decor. However, are scented candles safe for dogs? The answer can be both yes and no. Generally, plain wax candles are not toxic to animals, including dogs; however it is important to ensure that the smoke from the candle isn’t irritating their eyes or respiratory system.

Similarly, when considering traditional scented candles with added oils or aromas, it is important to read the list of ingredients and confirm that they are not toxic or inappropriate for pets. It’s best to avoid fragrances like artificial vanilla extract as some dogs are sensitive to these ingredients due to their sense of smell being much stronger than ours. When in doubt, opt for an unscented candle or simply enjoy the scenery without any candlelight!

Final Thoughts — Are Scented Candles Safe for Dogs?

It depends on the kind of scented candles you buy. Those with paraffin wax, a lead wick, and synthetic fragrances are possibly harmful. They release soot, lead fumes, phthalates, and other toxic compounds that can cause cancer, airway irritation, allergies, and other illnesses.

On the other hand, scented candles made from natural waxes and scented with dog-safe, natural fragrances are entirely safe. They release natural aromas that soothe rather than hurt your dog.

If you have been buying scented candles without much thought, it is time to start scrutinizing their product labels before you buy. That way, you won’t compromise Fido’s health with toxic fumes.

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