home remedies for dry itchy skin in dogs

9 Home Remedies for Dry Itchy Skin in Dogs

Dry and itchy skin can make your canine’s life miserable. This condition triggers a compulsive urge to lick, scratch, and bite the skin in an attempt to soothe the itching. If left unattended, Fido will end up with a blistered and inflamed coat. Does your canine face such problems as well and so you’re looking for home remedies for dry itchy skin in dogs?

Thankfully, you can prevent the effects of itchy skin using home therapies that hydrate, soothe, and inhibit microbial action. If you aren’t sure which products will help, check out the list below. It highlights the most effective home remedies for dry itchy skin.

What triggers dry, itchy skin in dogs?

There is no specific cause of dry and itchy dog skin. Many cases result from microbial infection, genetic susceptibility, and others result due to lousy grooming habits, from you the pet parent. The particular causes often associated with this bothersome coat condition include:

• Systemic disorders like Hypothyroidism
• Bacterial and fungal infections
• Use of harsh cleaning products
• Under or over bathing
• Forgetting to brush your dog’s coat
• Allergies
Parasitic infestation

You cannot control all types of itching skin at home. Some cases, more so those associated with bacterial infections and systemic disorders, are better left to experienced vets.

Only treat those associated with preventable issues like over-grooming, parasitic infestation, and use of harsh cleaning products.

9 Effective home remedies for dry itchy skin for dogs

Dry, itchy skin can be incredibly uncomfortable for our furry companions and having a few home remedies in your arsenal is an effective way to soothe their skin and relieve some of the itchiness. After all, who doesn’t love a good cuddle with a pup that’s not scratching itself silly?

Below, we’ve compiled 9 of the best home remedies that are gentle on your dog’s sensitive skin, so keep reading for all the information you need to help alleviate those itchy woes!

1: Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) isn’t just great in salads. But, it is also great for emergencies like treating your dog’s dry and itching skin. It contains acetic, alpha-hydroxy, and malic acids, which can eliminate the bacteria, fungi, or viruses causing your dog’s skin to dry and itch.

In addition, ACV works as a potent skin exfoliator that eliminates dead skin and unclogs pores. In return, your dog’s dry skin will regain the power to hydrate itself. As a bonus, vinegar’s nutrients will leave your dog’s skin nourished.


Dilute ACV with equal parts of water. Place the diluted solution in a spray bottle, and use it to moisturize your dog’s dry skin. Avoid spraying exposed wounds and overly scratched skin since vinegar can elicit excessive pain.

home remedies for dry itchy skin in dogs - apply cider vinegar

2: Oatmeal

Used to manufacture skin-friendly shampoos, soap, and other skincare products for dogs, oatmeal is an excellent remedy for your dog’s dry and itchy skin. It contains Zinc, a compound that combats skin inflammation and irritation efficiently.

Moreover, oats have a neutral PH which normalizes that of your dog’s skin, and saponins that exfoliate dead dry skin. When applied as a mask, oatmeal will foam a protective layer to prevent your dog’s skin from drying and itching.


Mash, blend or pound a cup of cooked oats into a paste. Patch the affected areas on your dog’s coat using the paste. Rinse the oatmeal paste using a lukewarm water bath after half an hour.

3: Plain yogurt

Plain yogurt is another effective home remedy for dry, itchy skin for dogs. It is rich in lactic acid, an antimicrobial that can kill fungi, viruses, and bacteria, causing your dog’s skin to dry up and start itching.

Furthermore, plain yogurt exfoliates flaky skin, fights dandruff, and relieves itching. Regular application will restore your dog’s skin’s ability to moisturize itself and fight off mild skin infections.


Apply the plain yogurt liberally on your dog’s itchy skin, and then brush to spread it evenly. Leave it to sit until it dries up. After that, bathe your dog to clear the yogurt residue left behind.

4: Coconut oil

A respected ingredient for human and pet care skin products, coconut oil, will not let you down when it comes to soothing your dog’s dried and itching coat.

When applied to your dog’s coat, coconut oil will trap moisture under your dog’s skin to minimize drying. In addition, the coconut oil’s saturated fats and medium-chain fatty acids will penetrate your dog’s dry skin to reduce flaking.

Coconut contains loads of antioxidants, and fatty acids. These compounds are known to soothe inflammation and combat the fungi, protozoa, bacteria, and viruses on a dog’s dry skin.


Applying coconut oil isn’t hard. Just use a soft grooming brush to outspread the oil consistently over the dry coat. Leave the coconut oil to keep soothing the dry skin for as long as it can stay. Don’t wash it off.

home remedies for dry itchy skin in dogs- coconut oil

5: Baking soda

Baking soda is a potent antimicrobial. A few applications can eliminate the bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and the yeast that could be drying up and irritating your canine’s skin. Use it to manage irritation associated with microbial infection.

In addition, this pantry stable can exfoliate dead, unclog blocked pores, and minimizes the inflammation that results from aggressive scratching.


Add a little water to half a cup of baking soda, and blend the mixture to form a thick sticky stuff. Smear the mask on the itchy spots and let it sit on the dog’s skin for 20 minutes. Wash it off with warm water after that.

6: Avocado

Avocado is well-known for the magic taste it adds in salads, smoothies, sandwiches, and soups. But your kitchen isn’t the only place where avocado reigns. This super fruit is popular in the skincare sector as well.

It contains natural oils, fatty acids, vitamins, antioxidants, and several other natural compounds. When used as a remedy for your dog’s itchy and dry skin, avocado will nourish, hydrate, and soothe it.

Furthermore, avocado will minimize dandruff, support the regeneration of new skin, support the healing of broken skin, as well as reduce inflammation.


Blend a ripe avocado into an even cream. Massage the cream into your dog’s coat. Leave the avocado cream for at least fifteen minutes, and then wash off the excess. Use avocado regularly to boost the health of your dog’s skin.

home remedies for dry itchy skin in dogs - avocado fruit

7: Almond oil

Chockfull of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory compounds, almond oil, is another excellent home remedy for dry, itchy skin. It will soothe irritated skin, as well as provide prolonged moisturization.

Unlike many oil-based home remedies for dry itchy skin for dogs, almond oil will not make your dog’s coat overly greasy. For that reason, you can apply, massage it into the skin, and leave it without washing the excess.


Spread adequate amounts of almond oil over your dog’s coat. Use a grooming brush to distribute it evenly over the dry skin. You can use it as a one-time soothing solution, or keep using it every time you groom Fido.

8: Olive oil

Olive oil is a potent anti-inflammatory for dogs. It is rich in oleic acid and Oleocanthal. Scientists say that these anti-inflammatory compounds are as powerful as the ibuprofen NSAID used to control inflammation in humans.

Like many oils, olive oil contains healthy fatty acids that will hydrate dry skin and antimicrobials to fight skin infections. This home remedy for a dog’s dry skin has lots of vitamins and minerals to nourish the dry coat.


Rub enough olive oil onto your dog’s dry and itchy skin. Use your grooming brush to spread this home remedy uniformly on your dog’s dry and irritated skin. Leave it on to hydrate your dog’s skin.

9: Honey

Honey isn’t limited to human skin, but, you can also use it to soothe your canine’s dry, itchy, scratched, and inflamed skin. It is rich in antimicrobials that combat mild bacterial and fungal coat infections.

When you apply it to your dog’s skin, it will open clogged pores to support natural skin lubrication. Furthermore, the honey will draw enough moisture from the atmosphere to immediately hydrate your dog’s dry skin.


Rub enough honey on your dog’s coat, and brush to spread it consistently. Leave the honey to sit on your dog’s skin for at least 10 minutes. Wipe off the excess. Use it frequently to heal overly dry coats.

home remedies for dry itchy skin in dogs

5 Alternatives to home remedies for dry itchy skin for dogs

You don’t have to use home remedies every other time your dog’s skin dries. Instead, you should keep some skin moisturizing sprays for dogs within reach. They will keep your dog’s skin nourished, soothed, and hydrated whenever it gets dry and itchy.

If you wish to stock your pet care kit with a good moisturizing or itch-relieving product, the following are top sprays that work best.

  1. Warren London Hydrating Butter

Warren London’s hydrating butter is a leave-in conditioner that hydrates dry skin, soothes itching, and prevents dandruff. Also, the conditioner nourishes and softens your dog’s dry coat, and it detangles mats. It works for all dogs.

Scented with an aromatherapeutic fragrance, this conditioner leaves your dog smelling great for hours. You can even use the itch reliever as a dog deodorizer for canines with a displeasing natural odor. The best part is that the fragrance isn’t overpowering.

Warren hydrating butter comes in an 8oz spray bottle that lets you apply it within a short time. No wasting time when trying to save your four-legged friend from the trauma associated with itching skin.


• Effective on all short and long coats
• Pleasant fragrance
• Easy to apply
• Offers immediate results


• Not fit for scent sensitive dogs

2. Vet’s Best Itch Relief Spray

Whether your pup’s skin is itching from allergies or it has just dried up after grooming, the Vet’s itch relief spray will offer immediate relief. Its aloe vera, chamomile, and tea tree oil botanicals are efficient skin soothers.

Besides soothing, this spray hydrates, soothes, and it nourishes your dog’s skin with essential vitamins and minerals. It also supports the healing of scratched skin and boosts the natural production of skin hydrating oils.

Since the spray doesn’t contain alcohol, you can apply it directly on inflamed or flaky skin without any issue. It won’t cause that stinging pain associated with alcohol-based sprays. It is safe to use alongside other topical medications.


• Organic ingredients
• Veterinary recommended
• Offers quick relief
• Relieves all itchy conditions


• Strong fragrance

  1. Pets are Kids Anti-itch Spray

Offering an immediate soothing action, the Pets are Kids’ anti-itch spray will come in handy in those days when your dog experiences the worst episode of skin irritation. It will get relieved immediately after you administer this spray.

As such, your canine will not have to rub itself against objects or bite and scratch itself aggressively. You can use it to soothe itching occasioning from allergies, flea bites, and dry skin.

Perfumed with a mild oatmeal fragrance, this remedy for dry skin will not just combat irritation. But, it will make your canine smell good.

Pets are Kids formulated the spray from vitamin-rich oatmeal to nourish your dog’s skin and baking soda to disinfect the coat. It is free of alcohol and other irritants that could worsen the condition of your canine’s already itchy and scratched skin.


• Quick action
• Soothes all irritating skin conditions
• Easy to apply
• Free of harmful ingredients


• Requires intense brushing to offer fast relieve

  1. Burt’s Bees

If you have concerns with strongly-scented remedies for dry and itchy skin, Burt’s Bees would be the most suitable remedy for you. Its scent is too faint to bother anyone. It won’t overpower you or even trigger an allergic reaction.

Burt’s Bee, a respected manufacturer of natural skincare products, made this spray from organically grown honeysuckle extract. It is rich in flavonoids, saponins, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory constituents.

The spray is entirely safe since it contains no alcohol, sulfates, and other additives that can irritate inflamed, dry dog skin. Its balanced PH will minimize those episodes of skin irritation associated with a sudden PH change.


• PH balanced for sensitive skin
• Soothes and nourishes
• Easy to apply spray
• Faintly scented


• Some dog owners claim it offers a short time relieve

  1. John Paul Oatmeal Spray

If other sprays have been irritating your dog after application, this type is for you. John Paul made the PH balanced, all-natural spray with your canine’s sensitive skin in mind. It will not add any discomfort baggage to your already suffering pooch.

This spray contains a veterinary-formulated, PH-balanced blend of chamomile, aloe, and sweet almond botanicals. These ingredients team up to moisturize your dog’s skin, nourish it with minerals, as well as relieve any irritation.

After application, this spray will condition your dog’s fur and leave it with a pleasing almond fragrance.


• Easy to apply
• Pleasant, non-overpowering scent
• Organic ingredients
• PH balanced


• It could be better if it came in multiple fragrance options

Final Thoughts on Home Remedies for Dry Itchy Skin in Dogs:

It’s time to relieve your dog from a dry, itchy skin! There are several home remedies for dry itchy skin for dogs. You can use honey, olive oil, avocado, almond oil, bicarbonate soda, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, and oatmeal. These remedies will hydrate or soothe your dog’s dry skin in just a few seconds.

However, if you want something that you can use anytime, it would matter to keep a conditioning, hydrating, or itch-relieving spray within reach. That way, you will not expose your dog to unwarranted suffering as you search through your home cabinets for a possible remedy.

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