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10 Best Dog Grooming Kit for Your Furry One

The first thing you should buy once you bring home an adorable dog is a dog grooming kit. You may think that you do not need to have a kit at home since you’re not trained in dog grooming so you’re not likely to know what to do. There’s always the professional groomer around to do the job, right?

Wrong! You cannot be bringing your dog to the groomer every other day. What happens if your dog’s fur looks a little long and you just want to trim a bit off? Or that your dog’s nail looked chip and you just want to cut off a little of the nail? Besides, you want to have all your tools neatly organized in one bag so that you can easily find them when you need them.

That’s why a dog grooming kit is an item that every dog owner must have. There are 2 ways to go about doing this. You can either buy each grooming tool that you may need but then you’ll need to get a bag to house everything together to prevent misplacing. Or you can buy the basic grooming kit which will include everything that you need for a start.

But with so many brands around, it’s confusing to make a shortlist and choose the best one from the lot. Well, here’s your chance to skip shortlisting and instead pick one from some of the best brands in the market.

I’ve already done the tedious job of sieving through the many kits available on Amazon and listed below the top 10 dog grooming kits that you can considering getting. These are selected based on the numerous reviews from satisfied customers and top ratings.

Dog Grooming - 10 Best Dog Grooming Kits
  1. Pet Union Professional Dog Grooming Kit

The Pet Union Professional Dog Grooming Kit has everything you can think of when you consider buying a dog grooming kit. It has adjustable cut blades and comfort combs that don’t hurt your little furry friend’s skin. The precision-cut titanium blades smoothen out your dog’s hairs and keep them nice and furry.

  1. Oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers

The Oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers come with stainless steel blades that can last for years. Its 6 guard combs have adjustable clips for clipping different hair lengths. The ultra-quiet noise and low vibration make it easier to use on your dog as they are usually afraid of loud noises.

  1. PettingPal Dog Grooming

PettingPal Dog Grooming has a two-in-one wide blade system suitable for thick coats. A narrow blade also helps cut the hair around the ears, mustache, beard, face, rump, and paws. The low-noise technology keeps the sound down to 60 dB. Its 3-speed motor makes grooming an easy task for dog owners.

  1. Pawsible Dog Grooming Kit

The Pawsible Dog Grooming Kit has a 3-hour battery life and comes with cordless clippers. Its powerful motor cuts through the thickest firs quickly. This grooming kit has premium stainless steel and ceramic moving blades for an excellent performance.

  1. AngFan Dog Grooming Kit

This AngFan Kit is a 16-piece kit for grooming with 8 guide combs, 1 scissor, 1 pet clipper, 1 nail clipper, 1 cleaning brush, 1 oil, 1 nail file, 1 adapter, and 1 pet comb. The high-power motor, together with low noise, allows you to groom your dog peacefully.

Dog Care - 10 Best Dog Grooming Kits
  1. Ceenwes Low Noise Dog Grooming Kit

This Ceenwes Low Noise Dog Grooming Kit is one of the most lightweight kits available in the market right now. Its pet clippers come with a Precision motor that doesn’t make any noise. Most importantly, its low vibration and quick cutting technology make it easier to groom your pet.

  1. Wahl Easy Pro Dog Grooming Kit

This kit from Wahl provides both corded and cordless convenience. The detachable blades allow you to clean them right after you finish grooming your dog. It has self-sharpening precision blades for smooth grooming to create a pleasant experience for your little furry one.

  1. AIBORS Dog Grooming for Thick Coats

As the name suggests, this kit is ideal for dogs with thick coats. Its high-carbon blades remain sharp for months to a provide smooth grooming experience. The R-shaped clog-proof blade makes it safer to groom your dog. Its heavy-duty gear is helpful to cut through thick fur with steady and stable control.

  1. OMORC Professional Dog Grooming Kit

This OMORC Professional Dog Grooming Kit is an 11-piece kit with one of the most powerful motors around. It works at 6000 r/min, thus providing enough power to cut through thick fur easily. Unlike traditional blades, this grooming kit has high-carbon steel blades that don’t pull at your dog’s skin while you cut its fur.

  1. MASALING Dog Grooming Clippers

The MASALING Dog Grooming Clippers. Although this is a 4-in-1 set, it has enough power to match a professional dog clipper’s performance. It has stainless steel blades that cut through sensitive areas without irritating your dog. You can recharge its battery and use it anywhere you want.

Final Thoughts

It’s wise to buy a grooming kit depending on your dog’s fur coat. Each kit comes with many of the tools that will come in handy when you need to groom your dog.

The above list has various types of kits based on their performances, reviews, and prices. Buy one that you think is the best fit for your needs as well as for your budget.

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