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Need A Large Dog Stroller? Here Are 7 Top Choices

Although dogs like to go for walks or runs, some simply can’t go for as long as you do. Doggo could get tired or prefer to sniff around, or may have difficulty moving due to a health condition or age. If you want to take your dog out for sunshine and fresh air but want a stroller to make it easier for yourself and your pet, you want a large dog stroller to make things easier and more fun.

Top 7 Large Dog Strollers

Here is our list of 7 top choices of large dog strollers that will be perfect for your adventure with your pup.

#1: HPZ Pet Rover XL

This stroller offers an extra-long space for your big doggo. It doubles as a travel carriage and has a convertible compartment for versatility and comfort. It has a zipperless entry – great when your dog is the active, restless type who wants to get in and get out quickly – and pump-free, automotive-grade rubber tires. These tires are maintenance-free and very stable and durable. The front wheels feature swivel locks and can be rotated 360 degrees for easy maneuverability.

The frame is made from rigid aluminum, so you are assured of many years of corrosion-free use. Plus, it features an anodized gold finish. The cabin fabric is 100% weather-resistant polyester. It washes easily and dries quickly. It is also scratch- and waterproof, so whether you are going out on a sunny day or a rainy afternoon, your pet is safe and comfortable inside.

The stroller is an elongated version of the brand’s HPZ Pet Rover premium stroller. It has many of the same features but this model can be expanded to its full length of 35 inches. Got a large, long-bodied pet? No problem, just make the proper adjustment and he’ll be comfortable and happy riding along. This stroller is capable of carrying a maximum of 75 lbs.

#2: Ireenuo Dog Stroller

This four-wheel dog stroller accommodates medium to large pets and is easy to assemble. It works on a variety of roads and terrains and can be quite convenient for traveling. It features large windows on the front and sides, and a smaller window on the rear. It also has a top opening that will allow your dog to stick his head out during walks or runs.

The Ireenuo dog stroller has two double-wheeled front wheels for extra stability. The front wheels can swivel 360 degrees for easy maneuverability during turns. The 12-inch rear wheels are also designed to pass through obstacles easily. The frame is made of thick, stainless steel tubing while the canopy is made of 600D PVC fabric. The handle is adjustable vertically for an easy grip regardless of your height. The stroller can also be folded for easy storage when not in use.

#3: Ibiyaya Large Pet Stroller

Here’s another large dog stroller you will love, especially if you have a large, heavy dog. The Ibiyaya pet stroller is lightweight yet capable. It can accommodate a pet or multiple pets up to 50 kgs of total weight. It is compact but spacious and quite sturdy, featuring heavy-duty construction and a strong, aircraft-grade aluminum frame.

For safety, this large dog stroller features quick-release pneumatic tires on the rear and an Aerotech front wheel. The wheels are low-maintenance but have excellent shock absorption properties. If you love to jog with your dog in the late afternoons, you are assured of added safety with the reflectorized spokes. These help increase your visibility in low-light conditions.

#4: Pet Gear No-Zip Stroller

The Pet Gear No-Zip Stroller features a push-button, zipperless dual entry that can accommodate a big dog. This large dog stroller has a canopy that can be lifted so your pet can just step in or out. Your dog can use either the front or rear entry, which works well for pets with mobility issues.

This stroller has a multi-position handle that can be adjusted to your preferred height. It also features a zippered top (which functions like a sunroof) and mesh windows that your pet can look out from. It can also be folded flat for easy storage.

#5: Petique All-Terrain Jogger

If your dog likes to accompany you for runs but gets tired easily (or is just too small or lazy to run along), the Petique All-Terrain Jogger will keep him comfortable and happy. The stroller is perfect for dogs of most ages and can accommodate as much as 60 lbs of furry friends. The stroller is designed to ensure that your pet enjoys the walk/run as much as you do. With shock-absorbent tires and windows on all sides (the rear window is heart-shaped, if you must know), your dog can look out and get a whiff of the changing scenery.

The handle can be adjusted to multiple positions so you have a firm grip regardless of your height. Its grip is wrapped in EVA foam for maximum comfort. Worry not about safety because the Petique stroller comes with a one-step dual-wheel braking system that allows you to have excellent control over it in case you need to stop abruptly. It also features large bike tires with great shock absorption in case you need to go over rough roads. It also comes with reflectors and two large pockets to store snacks, water, phones, and your dog’s favorite toy.

If you prefer to use a bike, the Petique stroller has an optional bike adapter you can purchase. If you still want to take your dog out for a stroll on a rainy day, you can also get the optional rain cover so doggie is safe and dry inside. And it comes with a portable tyre pump – handy in case your pet gets a flat tyre.

#6: Petbobi Dog Stroller for Large Pets

This is a large dog stroller that can get you and your pet over many types of terrains. The front wheels can swivel a full 360 degrees in both directions while the rear wheels are controlled by a reliable brake system that allows you to stop quickly and safely. The canopy and the stroller cabin are made from waterproof oxford cloth that has large mesh screen windows on all sides. If your doggie is the curious type, he can even pop his head through the open top and enjoy the sights and wind and all the scents it carries.

This large dog stroller can carry as much as 55 kgs – perfect for larger or mid-sized dogs. This is also an excellent option for older pets or dogs with difficulty moving or walking. The stroller also has a storage bag to built into the cabin so you can carry a water bottle, phone, or treats. The double wheels are also a nice touch to ensure improved stability during runs.

#7: Booyah Large Pet Dog Stroller

The Booyah large dog stroller is designed for both walking and jogging. The frame is made from rust-proof aluminum while the cabin is made of easy-to-wash polyester.

For safety, this large dog stroller features a hand brake that is located at the handlebar. If you are jogging and need to stop or slow down, the hand brake comes in handy. It also allows you to park safely. The single front wheel swivels for easy turns and can be locked.

For extra comfort during walks or jogs, this stroller also features a good suspension to protect your doggo during rough rides. It comes with a leash, rain or wind cover, safety flag, and removable cushion.

Benefits of Using a Large Dog Stroller

A large dog stroller offers a number of benefits for you and your pet. If you have been unsure about whether you should get a stroller for your dog, I hope the benefits below will help you to decide.

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1: Less stressful for you

Aside from making it easier for you to take your dog out for a walk or run, a large dog stroller gives you a low-stress means to train your dog on how to behave when outdoors, such as when you want to go out to the local park without using a leash.

2: Travel or shop with a pet

More and more places are allowing pets to visit and stay. Strollers are a convenient way to transport pets since many models are collapsible and easy to fold when not in use. A large dog stroller also allows you to bring your dog while shopping. No need to leave your dog outside tied to a post or a tree or worst, inside your car (which you should never do).

3: Allow older or injured pets to enjoy the outdoors

If you have an elderly pet which can’t move around much or a dog that has an injury but is healthy enough to venture outside, a dog stroller is a great way to keep them mobile and still have fun. Gone are the days when your poor doggies have to watch you sadly while you go out for a walk or take the other dogs out.

4: Train an indoor dog to love the outdoors

A dog which has never been outdoors or is not used to playing outdoors can be trained using a dog stroller. Nestled safely inside the stroller, a dog can see the sights and enjoy the outdoors without having to directly come in contact with objects, humans, and other animals. This can make it less stressful for your shy dog, which may actually encourage it to venture outdoor.

5: Make it easy to complete a walk for a pooped-out dog

Some dogs are willing and enthusiastic on their way out the door for a walk but then beg to be carried halfway through. If your dog does this, bringing a stroller along is a far more convenient way to carry him home than dragging him by his leash. When your dog is loaded onto the stroller, you and your pet still get to have some exercise, and there is no stress for either one of you.

6: Take several pets out on a walk in one go

If you have more than one dog or you have a cat and a dog, you can use a large dog stroller to take them out for a walk around the block. Many large strollers can fit two medium-sized dogs or several small dogs or cats. In this way, you do not have to take turn taking them out. It’ll also be more enjoyable for them to be able to go out together.

7: Bringing your pet to the vet

If your vet’s clinic is within reasonable walking distance from your home, why not use a large dog stroller for a scheduled visit? A stroller is a practical way to transport your dog on short distances and it helps them relax and have fun. Of course, until you reach the clinic. But by then, you can still assure your doggo that everything is going to be fine.

Final Thoughts

Having a large dog stroller in the house is a very useful item because it has many benefits. You’ll be able to have many more hours of fun being out with your pet and not having to worry about them getting too tired. It’ll also allow the older and weaker dogs a chance to be out with you and the other pets.

With so many choices at different price range, you’ll definitely be able to decide on one that suits you and your pets best. All the strollers mentioned above have very high reviews from other satisfied customers, you’ll just have to see which best fits your budget and is the most suitable. Have fun!

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