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Best Summer Dog Boots: 7 Decision Making Tips

Summer dog booties are vital for anyone who cares about their dog’s wellness. They’ll let you go outdoors with your furkids without any worries. The best summer dog boots make walking, running, cycling, or hiking with your furry friend enjoyable during those sizzling summers when the pavements, sand, rocks, or sidewalks are too hot for bare paws.

Without the booties, Fido would end up with blisters, pain, and general discomfort after an outing. This will spoil all the fun you wish to have with your furbaby.

What to look for when buying the best summer dog boots

Understandably, purchasing the best summer dog boots from the numerous options in stores is a tricky affair. Some will give your dog a bold fashion statement, long lasting, and keep Fido comfortable. Others are the complete opposite. They are less stylish, less durable, and quite uncomfortable.

Since you’ll not want to settle on the latter type of dog boots, we have 7 tips that will help you pick the right ones for your canine.

Tip #1: Comfort

Comfort matters when you’re looking for the best summer dog boots. Comfy ones will give your dog a reason to like the summer gift. Conversely, uncomfortable boots will give your furry friend a reason to detest wearing the booties.

For that reason, before you order any summer dog boots from your favorite store, make sure they guarantee comfort. Preferably, the dog boots should have a padded lining inside, lightweight, and a generous paw room.

Your canine will have a leisurely experience walking or running around in comfortable booties.

Tip #2: Ease of wearing and removing

Let’s face it. We all distaste spending a lot of effort and time doing simple tasks like getting a dog ready for walks. Similarly, dogs get bored when you take unnecessarily long to get them ready for walks, hikes, and outdoor play.

As a result, when scouting for the best summer boots for dogs, it would matter to get boots that can slide on and off your dog’s feet with little effort.

Easy-to-wear boots have elastic, Velcro, or laced openings. While both types of openings work fine, many pet parents claim that dog boots with Velcro openings are super easy to fit and remove. They’ll save you the hassle of tying laces or stretching tight elastic bands.

best summer dog boots

Tip #3: Durability

We all wish to get the best value out of the dollars we spend. That’s why even the cheapest thing that cannot withstand the test of time will make you feel disappointed.

For that reason, if you don’t wish to feel like you’ve wasted your money buying dog booties, don’t just rush to buy. Instead, take your time to scout around for rugged boots that can last long.

When it comes to durability, you will have two things to consider—the sole and upper side. Durable booties have a rubber sole/pad. Unlike other sole types, rubber has an excellent resistance to wear occasioning from walking on concrete pavements, loose gravel, and rough surfaces.

The upper part of durable summer dog booties should be that of a rugged fabric that can stand your dog’s sharp nails, weather elements, and sharp objects. Manufacturers prefer leather, faux leather, fleece, and suede over other materials.

Tip #4: Breathability

The soaring summer temperatures coupled with closed, non-breathable shoes will literally simmer your furry buddy’s paws. Non-breathable booties could be worse than walking bare-pawed on hot pavement.

Therefore, breathability is another crucial feature you shouldn’t disregard when looking for the best summer dog boots. Breathable booties will let sweat and body heat escape from the booties’ interior, thereby keeping your dog comfortable and cool.

In addition, breathable dog booties will prevent sweat from accumulating in the footwear, leading to unpleasant odor and fungal paw infections. Breathable summer dog boots have a mesh upper layer, making it cooler for your pet.

Tip #5: Design and style

Summer dog boots were not designed to just protect your dog’s paws from summer pavements and sharp objects on the sidewalks. You can use them to give your dog some sense of fashion as well.

Thus, when shopping for the best booties, don’t just look for a rugged and comfortable type. Instead, take your time to get dog booties that will look great on your canine’s feet. Preferably, go for colors that blend well with your canine’s coat, as well as your unique sense of fashion.

With the right design, you’ll feel proud walking around with your canine. You’ll even get to enjoy the look of adoration from the public’s eyes.

Tip #6: Proper fit

Size is a crucial aspect of dog boots. The right size will let your dog move around comfortably and naturally. The wrong size will make your dog hate the boots since he will be struggling to move in them.

Therefore, before ordering or purchasing the booties, make sure you get the size right. While many manufacturers sell summer boots based on your dog’s breed, age, and size, dog wellness experts claim that that isn’t the right way to determine your dog’s paw size.

Instead, the experts recommend that you measure your dog’s paws manually, and then, use the measurements to look for the correct size.

How do you measure your dog’s paws? It is simple. Have Fido stand on a plain piece of paper. Mark the front and back of the paw using a pen or pencil. Measure the distance between the two points to get your dog’s boot size.

Tip #7: Non-slip sole

The sole of summer dog boots matters a lot. A good, non-slip sole will give your canine the confidence needed to walk on smooth, rough, and slippery surfaces without worrying about slipping and falling.

On the other hand, a slippery sole will dissipate Fido’s confidence of using the summer booties. Your dog will be moving around in fear of slipping and falling off surfaces.

A good non-slip sole should be made from soft rubber to give your dog more surface grip when walking through smooth, wet, and dry surfaces. An even better addition when choosing your canine’s boots would be to ensure that the non-slip soles have treads for extra grip.

Our suggestions for the best summer dog boots:

Bark Brite Breathable Dog Boots

Approved by vets, these summer dog boots will give your dog a comfortable walking experience on hot pavements and sidewalks. Bark and Brite made the upper side from lightweight neoprene mesh, a breathable material that will keep Fido’s paws cool.

This upper layer isn’t just breathable but, it features an ingenious design that stretches out to conform to your canine’s unique paw shape. In these booties, your dog’s paws will wiggle naturally when walking, running, or jumping.

A light, soft, comfy lining in these summer dog booties’ interior will keep your canine’s paws comfortable and dry. The paws won’t get sweaty and smelly even on those days when Fido has to wear the summer boots for prolonged periods.

The summer boots have a lightweight, rugged rubber sole to protect Fido’s paws against hot asphalt pavements, and sharp objects on the sidewalks. The sole has treads to minimize cases of slipping and falling.

Hcpet Dog Boots

The Hcpet dog boots are like an all-rounder. They feature a breathable yet waterproof construction that is suitable for all occasions and seasons. Your dog can use the booties when chilling indoors, playing in your backyard, or when going out during summer and even in winter.

These best summer dog booties have an anti-slip sole that offers excellent traction on smooth, slippery, wet, and rough surfaces. The rubber sole will protect your dog’s paw pads from getting blisters when walking on hot surfaces, or prick injuries when playing around sharp objects.

Equipped with Velcro straps, these summer boots will save the extra time and effort you would have spent tying laces. The Velcro straps double up as 3M reflective strips to make your dog more visible when walking early in the morning or late in the evening.

HOOLAVA Dog Shoes for Hot Pavement

The HOOLAVA dog shoes stand out for one reason—their upper flexes to accommodate your dog’s unique paw size. That means the booties won’t squeeze or restrict the paws from moving naturally while your dog is walking or running.

HOOLAVA dog shoes have an anti-slip sole that provides first-class traction and stability on all surfaces. With the sole, your canine will walk comfortably on tiled floors, loose gravel, rough surfaces, and all kinds of terrains.

Like other top-rated summer dog boots on this list, the HOOLAVA dog booties have Velcro straps to let you fit or remove the booties with a lot of ease. The Velcro straps double up as reflective strips to make Fido more visible when walking on dark pavements or sidewalks.

Final Thoughts: What’ the Best Summer Dog Boots?

Though the market has several summer dog boots, choosing the best shouldn’t be an issue. If you are a first-time buyer, shop around for booties with a breathable upper covering to keep your dog’s paws cool and dry. The fabric used on the boots’ upper portion should be rugged enough to survive heavy use.

Moreover, these dog boots you settle on should have a non-slip sole to enhance your dog’s traction while walking on pavement, tiled floors, and rough surfaces, especially in the summer. As a rule of thumb, the dog booties you buy should fit snugly on your dog’s paws. Armed with the above 7 tips, you’re now ready to buy your canine a pair of comfortable boots and enjoy your summer adventures together!

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