Halloween witch costumes for dogs

9 Best Halloween Witch Costumes For Dogs

With Halloween just around the corner, kids and adults are preparing for this festive event once again. Of course, we can’t let Fido miss out on all the fun! With “witch” being a classic costume at this time of the month, we just had to make an exclusive article all about it!

In this blog post, we share awesome Halloween witch costumes for dogs, so you can turn a spooky affair into a memorable adventure with your furry best friend in tow.

1) PETLESO Wizard Halloween Costume Set

The first item on our list is this Halloween costume set from PETLESO. It’s best for cats and small breed dogs like chihuahua, pekingese, and yorkshire with a neck size between 8.6 and 10.2 inches for a comfortable fit.

This costume is made with cotton and satin, while the inside of the hat is made with PP cotton. It’s comfortable and definitely won’t restrict your dog’s mobility. On top of that, it’s 100% certified awesome and will no doubt be the centre of attention in the entire room!

Feel free to have your pooch wear this PETLESO Wizard Halloween Costume Set on Halloween Day or let him dazzle on a photoshoot, cosplay party, or other witch-themed gatherings. With a velcro strap sewn on the costume, you can be sure that the hat will stay intact on your dog’s head, no matter his level of playfulness or giddiness.

2) Fitwarm Holiday Theme Dog Dresses for Halloween

If there’s one costume that screams “witch”, it’s absolutely a dress for dogs with the words, “I’m the good witch” plastered on the back. We 100% agree with this statement, too! No pooch is ever a bad seed for us.

Made with cotton material and a pull-over design, this Halloween dress for dogs is easy to wash by hand, followed by air drying. It also has a high cut on the belly portion to make potty breaks more convenient for Fido. All in all, it provides a comfortable fit that will have your furry Halloween companion enjoy knocking on doors and winning hearts all over your neighborhood.

When buying this costume for your pooch, remember to prioritize the chest size, which measures 12 inches on the back and 14 inches on the chest. This best fits breeds like bichon, shih tzu, maltese, min pin, and pomeranian.

3) Frienda 2-Piece Halloween Pet Costume Set

When looking for Halloween witch costumes for dogs, you can never go wrong with the cape and hat combination. Aside from Halloween, this pet costume set is suitable for other occasions like photoshoots, pet birthdays and parties, and festive events all year round.

This costume is not only for cats but also for small dogs. You can be sure this pet cloak costume is uber soft with its quality plush fabric that’s comfy to wear all day and makes an excellent costume for dogs with sensitive skin. It’s also easy to wash and can be used for years.

Expect your pet to get lots of attention and more head pats than he can handle when donning this witch costume! Consider the measurements as follows: hat diameter: 16 inches, cape length: 11.6 inches, cape width: 10.6 inches, neck size: 8 to 11 inches.

4) POPETPOP Pet Halloween Costumes Cape with Wizard Hat

Who said witches can’t be cuddly and adorable? This Pet Halloween Cape with Wizard Hat from POPETPOP is the epitome of a simple yet classy witch costume for dogs. It can fit various breeds in different sizes and weights from S that fits dogs below 2.5 kg to L that can accommodate dogs that weigh 5 to 7.5 kg.

Made with premium satin fabric, this Halloween costume is easy to wear and light to the touch. It doesn’t restrain movement, so your dog can continue to make the most of Halloween without any costume mishap. Best of all, you can wash this with either hands or a washing machine.

Fix the cape collar with the decorative rope and adjust the drawstring on the hat for snug and comfortable wear for hours.

5) Midlee Halloween Witch Cape and Hat Dog Costume

Whether you have a small pooch, a large dog, or somewhere in the middle, trust this Midlee Halloween Witch Cape and Hat Dog Costume to do the trick.

Available in varying sizes from S to XXXL, your dog can play the role of either a good witch or a bad witch and still mesmerize your guests and neighbors.

Utilize the chin strap attached to the hat to wear it comfortably on your dog’s head. Adjust the cape accordingly so as not to strain your canine and let him join in on the festivities while being dressed for the occasion. With a hook-and-loop closure style, you can quickly dress your pooch and be ready in no time.

Suffice to say, Halloween Witch Costumes for dogs never go out of style year after year! For no more than $35 a set, Fido can take pride in this witch costume for more Halloweens to come!

6) POPETPOP Dog Halloween Costumes

Another witch costume you shouldn’t miss from POPETPOP is this orange witch dog Halloween costume that comes in sizes S to L. It’s the perfect gift for dog owners and the perfect costume for dogs that love easy wear that keeps them mobile.

This hat and cloak combo are suitable for dogs ranging from 2.5 kg to 7.5 kg. It’s made with high-quality Oxford fabric, making it comfortable and smooth for your pet to move around.

Aside from being easy to wear, this Halloween costume is easy to maintain, wash, and dry. It has cats and skeleton designs etched all over, which makes it perfect for the whole spooky vibe while making your pet the friendliest witch in the neighborhood.

7) Rubie’s Disney Maleficent Pet Costume

No Halloween is complete without the household character Maleficent. This entire set is perfect for your canine looking to be the most well-loved villain at this time of the year.

Available in S, M, L, and XL, any breed would love to be in this costume for a day and attract more attention than they could hold. Let your dog wear this on parades, play dates, and photo shoots to serve multiple purposes aside from Halloween.

Complete with the heavy cloak and headpiece, this costume lets your dog be the evil queen for a day without all the vicious powers and snappy attitude. Instead, expect them to be showered in love, treats, and warm hugs from adoring fans!

8) Rubies Purple Witch Pet Costume Dress and Hat

Not all witches have to look grim and tense. This Rubies Purple Witch Pet Costume should be enough to make anyone go “aww!” when you dress your pooch in this and let them be the life of the party!

This dress has the perfect touch of purple, black, and white on the dress and the hat to embody a witch that’s on its way to charm neighbors and receive gifts. Feel free to dress matchy-matchy with your fur pal and don your own purple witch costume!

This costume is made with 100% polyester fabric and gives a smooth feeling to the touch. It has full coverage, which would surely make your pooch ready and dressed to impress. To save the material from getting torn or tarnished, hand wash it only after use.

9) Petitebella Witch Please Puppy Dog Dress

Last on the list, this witch dress is bound to make your pup the belle of the ball with its colorful design and witty statement. Stitched with “Witch Please” on the back, this Petitebella dress is perfect for petite dogs with up to medium frame. It’s made with satin and cotton and even comes with a cute bow on the back. Keep it intact and wearable for the years to come by reversing it before wash. This will keep the print flat on the fabric and the ribbon sewed up sturdily.

Nothing is easier to put on your pup than a pull-up dress like this. Get the violet and orange combination or the gold and black duo. Finish the look with a cute witch hat and your pup will be good to go! Don’t be surprised if your neighbors find your little belle more adorable than frightening. She can’t help but look dazzling in this Petitebella Witch Please Puppy Dog Dress!

Final Thoughts – Choosing Halloween Witch Costumes For Dogs

Dogs love festive events just like humans do, and let’s be fair, no party is ever complete without your best fur pal! When it comes to classic costumes, one can’t miss the Witch theme.

Dog costumes come in varying sizes, styles, cuts, and colors. Always remember to consider their weight and measure their body parts to make sure the costume you’re eyeing will be a comfortable one for them.

To sum it up, we hope this list helps you out in finding the perfect Halloween witch costumes for dogs just in time for Halloween!

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