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Dog Bathtub: Which Of These 10 Would You Choose?

Any dog parents will know that bathing dogs isn’t an enjoyable task. These furry friends will hardly stay calm during the bathing session, and others may even try to resist. It’s not unusually to spend a whole afternoon trying to coax your furkid to bathe. Probably, this is one of the primary reasons why many pet parents find this task distasteful.

What to Look For in the Best Dog Bathtub

If you’re like me and have been experiencing a lot of trouble bathing your canine, you may want to consider investing in the best dog bathtub. This dedicated grooming accessory will make the experience more comfortable for you and your canine.

Herein, we’ve handpicked 10 of the most highly recommended dog bathtubs. To make it easier for you, we have suggested 4 tips below that’ll help you pick the most suitable from the many units sold out there.

Tip#1: Durability

I’m sure you wouldn’t want to waste your precious dollars on items that won’t last. So before you buy any bathtub for your precious doggie, make sure it will serve you for a reasonable period.

A suggestion is to buy a unit made from stainless steel, aluminum, premium-grade PVC, or heavy-duty plastic. These rugged materials will hold up for a good number of years. You can look forward to having years of fun bathing your furkid.

dog bathtub

Tip #2: Non-slip floor

Dogs find it hard to maintain a firm grip on wet, extra-slippery surfaces. Therefore, before you buy that dog bathtub, make sure it has a non-slip floor. An ideal unit should have a rubberized surface or some anti-skid serrations to minimize slipping. Such a floor will give your dog a sense of comfort and security during the grooming process.

Tip #3: Size

Bathtubs for dogs don’t come in one size. Some are designed for grooming small dog breeds like the Bichon Frise, and others are ideal for bathing large dog breeds like the Alaskan Malamute. Therefore, before buying one, make sure your furry friend will fit in the tub, and still leave some room for you to scrub and rinse them.

Tip #4: Storage space and portability

Frankly, many dog bathtubs will consume some significant storage space. Thus, before buying, make sure you have enough space to keep the unit indoors. If space is a luxury, get a collapsible dog bathtub. Such units are designed to offer plenty of grooming pace while consuming little storage space.

10 best Dog Bathtubs That are Worthy Buying

With the above 4 tips in mind, now it’s time to look for the best dog bathtub that are worth buying. Below are the 10 most highly recommended ones. I’ve also stated what I like and dislike for each which you can take into consideration as you make your decision.

1. Flying Pig Grooming Bathtub

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Flying Pig’s grooming station features a heavy-duty plastic tub mounted on a stainless steel stand. Many pet parents love it because it is easy on the spine. Since it is elevated, you won’t strain your back to get the job done.

The unit’s plastic tub is roomy enough to accommodate small and medium dog breeds weighing up to 65lbs. It has a drainage hole to empty wastewater conveniently, and partitions to keep your pet grooming products within reach.

When not in use, disassemble the bathtub’s stand so that it takes little storage space. You need no tool to disassemble or set up this top-rated dog grooming bathtub.

What I like:What I dislike:
DurableTub not collapsible
Simplifies dog groomingSlippery floor
360° accessibility

2. NHILES Collapsible Bathing Tub

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If portability is a top priority for you, the NHILES collapsible bathing tub will not disappoint. It collapses into a small size that consumes very little storage space. Actually, you can even tuck the collapsed tub in your travel bag when going for a long trip with your furry friend.

NHILES’ technicians fabricated this bathtub for dogs from double-layer PVC, durable material with superb resistance to rips, punctures, and leaks. Nonetheless, it would matter to trim your canine friend’s claws before using the tub.

Sharp claws and objects can scratch, rip, or even puncture this bath tub. So if you want the tub to last longer, be sure to check on your pet’s claws before each use.

Measuring 39 inches wide and 12 inches deep, this bathtub for dogs offers plenty of bathing space for small and medium-size dog breeds. In fact, some pet parents use it as a pool for small dogs that fancy dribbling.

What I like:What I dislike:
RoomyIt feels wobbly on uneven surfaces
Collapses to save spaceSharp objects can puncture it
Easy to drain
Non-slip floor

3. Dono Foldable Dog Bathtub

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The Dono Foldable Pet Bath Tub is a versatile accessory that can be used in a couple of ways. You can use it as a grooming bath for pets, a play pool for toddlers, as well as a fish pond.

It comes in three sizes to help you buy a unit that would serve your intended purpose better.

Don’t let the bathing tub’s large size discourage you from buying. You can fold it to a size that takes little space in your already jammed interior. The folded unit can even fit into a traveling bag.

Made from premium grade PVC, this best rated bathtub for dogs will survive regular use for many years. Nonetheless, be sure to trim your dog’s claws before bath time since sharp objects can puncture the tub.

What I like:What I dislike:
PortableProne to puncturing
Easy to drain
Non-slip floor

4. Booster Bathtub for Dogs

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The Booster Bath Tub for dogs is a depiction of perfection. It comes with almost all the bells and whistles required to give a super easy dog bathing experience. We would recommend it to pet parents with uncooperative dogs.

Standing 33 inches tall, this best dog bathtub will save you from over-overstraining your back. Into the bargain, the unit’s 360° accessibility will save you from turning around an already anxious pet.

Other most notable features on this dog bathtub include a non-slip rubber floor that prevents slipping, an inbuilt caddy that keeps your shampoo within reach, and an adjustable leash to restrain uncooperative canines.

Made from UV stabilized PVC, you can keep this unit outdoors throughout its lifespan. It won’t fade or lose its structural strength upon exposure to direct sunlight. However, if you feel like it isn’t safe outside, detach its feet and tuck it somewhere safer indoors. It won’t take up much space.

What I like:What I dislike:
Durable constructionWastes water
Convenient to useQuite costly
Drain hose minimizes spills
Rubber floor makes your dog feel safer

5. Furesh Elevated Wash Station for Dogs

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From a sturdy construction, an elevated wash station, to a portable construction, the Furesh bathtub for dogs has all features needed to simplify your dog bathing experience. No wonder, many pet parents rate it highly.

Furesh constructed the dog bathtub from a marine-grade PVC tub mounted on an aluminum tubing frame. Both materials will hold up well even when subjected to regular use and occasional abuse.

Standing 35 inches tall, this top-rated bathtub for dogs will save your back from the strain associated with bending. The tub offers 360° accessibility. Therefore, you can clean your pup from just any position.

What’s more? It has a drainpipe to let you direct wastewater to the desired place, a non-slip floor to keep your pet stable, an inbuilt caddy to keep grooming accessories within reach, and an inbuilt restraining leash.

What I like:What I dislike:
Durable constructionNot for large dogs
Offers superb bathing convenient
Easy to drain
Collapses to save space

6. Varybeaty Collapsible Bathtub for Small Pets

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The Varybeaty collapsible bathtub isn’t just a grooming accessory for bathing your furry friends. But, it is a versatile appliance that can take up several assignments. You can use it to wash clothes, store soiled laundry, or even bathe kids.

It is constructed from polypropylene, a long-lasting material that can stand scratches from sharp claws, regular exposure to UV, and fair use for years. Into the bargain, polypropylene is environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

After use, you can collapse the bathtub to almost 1/3 its size. This feature makes this bathtub an ideal fit for people with minimal indoor space and travelers who want a tub they could carry around easily.

While the bathtub’s floor lacks non-skid features, it isn’t slippery. Your dog won’t struggle to maintain its stability when grooming it.

What I like:What I dislike:
Space-savingNot for large dog breeds
PortableLacks a drainage hole

7. Homend PVC Foldable Bathing Tub

=> Check out Homend PVC Foldable Bathing Tub at Amazon

If your canine enjoys playing in water, Homend made this PVC bathing tub for them. It has a roomy interior where your furry friends can spend their time playing in the water. The bathtub comes in multiple sizes.

Homend made if from premium grade PVC and fiberboard materials to offer years of service. Although it is sturdy, it would be prudent to trim your pet’s claws before bath time to minimize the chances of puncturing them.

The bathing tub features a non-slip floor to curb the anxiety caused by slipping and a side drainage plug to empty wastewater conveniently. After use, you can collapse the bathtub for convenient storage.

What I like:What I dislike:
Roomy interiorSusceptible to punctures
Space-savingHard to move when filled
Highly portable
Rugged construction
Easy to drain

8. Pet Gear Dog Bathtub

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Although looking so simple, the Pet Gear pup tub has everything you need to streamline your dog grooming experience. It is excellent for bathing small dog breed that finds it hard to keep calm during the grooming process.

This best dog bathtub has a rubberized floor to give your dog a firm grip, two restraints to tame contrary dogs, and inbuilt partitions to keep your shampoo, soap, and other grooming products within reach.

Made from heavy-duty plastic, this bathtub for dogs will offer years of service. The non-skid fittings on the bath tub’s bottom side will keep the unit stable when using it on smooth surfaces.

On the downside, this unit isn’t collapsible, lacks a drainage hole for emptying wastewater, and isn’t ideal for bathing large dog breeds.

What I like:What I dislike:
Premium constructionNot ideal for large breeds of dogs
It gives anxious dogs a sense of safetyNot collapsible
Enhances your grooming convenience

9. V-HANVER Hard Plastic Dog Bathtub

=> V-HANVER Hard Plastic Pet Bath Tub at Amazon

Highly rated by thousands of pet parents, we bet you cannot go wrong buying the V-HANVER pet bath tub. This unit brags of an extra-tough PVC that is designed to take up your pet grooming projects diligently.

Its roomy interior isn’t just suitable for dog grooming. But you can use it as a pet pool during those hot days, a fish pond, a kiddie pool for your lovely ones, and a nesting box for your pooch and its puppies.

The V-HANVER bath tub’s floor will give your dog a firm grip during bath time, and a side drainage hole on this unit will help you empty the unit effortlessly. This bathtub is available in four sizes.

Storing and transporting this best bathtub for dogs is a breeze. You just collapse the unit to a compact size that takes little storage. Not surprising, this unit is famous for pet parents living in cramped apartments.

What I like:What I dislike:
Space-savingHard to move when filled
Easy to empty
Tough construction

10. Home Pet Spa Pet Wash Enclosure

=> Home Pet Spa Pet Wash Enclosure at Amazon

Unique from the standard bathtubs for dogs, this model comes with sophisticated features to simplify and expedite dog grooming. With this enclosed unit, you will never have to deal with spills or struggle with uncooperative dogs.

This unit has an enclosed bathing space that can accommodate small to medium dog breeds. The space has six mist jets to soak your dog and a shower wand to rinse it after scrubbing. This spa gets its water supply from any faucet in your home.

What’s more? Home Pet wash enclosure has safety restraints to tame anxious dogs, an entry and exit door for enhanced accessibility, and an extendable drain to help you empty the unit quickly.

What I like:What I dislike:
Rugged composite material constructionNot space economic
It restrains hard to clean dogsNot suitable for cleaning large dog breeds
Convenient to use
Minimizes spills

Final Thoughts

Frankly, choosing the best dog bathtub from the hundreds of options in stores isn’t a task you would do on a whim. You will have to scrutinize each product closely and then pick one that is hard-wearing, spacious, space economic, and convenient to use. If you don’t trust your choosing power, get any one of our top rated bath tubs for dogs above, and you will never regret it.

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