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7 Maltese Haircuts to Try in 2023

They say great things come in small packages. We could agree to this when it comes to a crowd favorite – the Maltese breed! If you’re a Maltese owner, it’s likely you’d want your furkid to look their best, so what would be the top Maltese haircuts to spot?

Keep reading to know more about Maltese, the cutest haircuts to try, and how to groom their fur properly in the comforts of your home.

Maltese could easily be mistaken as stuffed animals for their silky white hair and doe eyes. Not to mention, their fearless disposition is to be reckoned with! Maltese dogs could be the most protective, loyal, and loving dogs you could ever come across, given their trainability and natural instincts to be watchful despite their small size.

With their great mane comes great responsibility to groom them regularly, whether or not they are intended as show dogs. With dog haircuts getting more and more creative, we gathered the best classic looks and trendiest Maltese haircuts you could try in the coming year.

Maltese General Information and Hair Care

The Maltese breed is famous for its floor-length hair, charming looks, energetic aura, and fearless disposition. Their luscious fur is a gem whether for show dog competitions or daily companionship.

Maltese dogs are generally white in color. Other color combinations include white and lemon, and white and tan. They have no prominent markings and generally weigh under 7 pounds between 7 to 9 inches tall. Their maximum life expectancy is 15 years.

Known as the “Ancient Dog of Malta”, the Maltese are obviously pampered to bits. From their high-quality diet to regular grooming, it’s hard not to want your Maltese looking at its best especially when you can take pride in their glorious coat. You should know that they have a high-maintenance hair routine. Maltese hair is best brushed 2 to 3 times a week, together with a weekly bath.

A rigorous method of rinsing, washing and conditioning Maltese hair downwards is essential for the manageable flow of their mane. Doing so in a circular motion makes their hair prone to tangles, which could be stressful and painful to remove.

As such, Maltese hair is best groomed using a stainless steel comb to keep out the tangles, a bristle brush for pups with short trims, and a pin brush for adult Maltese with medium length or long coats. Conditioner sprays are also an essential part of Maltese’s hair care. Dry brushing is strongly discouraged.

Whether you are looking to try different Maltese haircuts for your pooch as a DIY project or you are a professional at-home groomer yourself, these 7 Maltese haircuts are a must-try!

1. Show Cut or Standard Cut

By far one of the most elegant-looking Maltese haircuts to sport, the Showcut is also known as the Standard Cut for Maltese show dogs. By its appearance, the hair falls down to floor-length and is combed straight out thoroughly. The head could be tied with a single or double topknot or left combed downwards on the side of the face.

Maltese pooches have naturally curly hair but this straightens out as it grows longer. It could also be flat ironed to ensure sleek, straight hair all over. This is a great haircut to try on your Maltese if you have the time and budget for it as this style requires a major commitment. If not maintained, your Maltese coat would be prone to tangles and knots. Until then, you can keep their coat well-trimmed to a short haircut, like the Teddy Bear Cut.

Normally, a meticulous style such as the Showcut requires the magic of a professional groomer. Watch this interesting short video clip on how a Maltese Show Cut hairstyle is groomed and prepped before a show.

2. Teddy Bear Cut

As the name suggests, this Maltese haircut is bound to make your pooch look like a teddy bear once the grooming is complete. The side and back hair could be anywhere from ¼ to ½ inches while the rest of the coat is a bit longer.

The face coat of the Maltese is formed as such to create a perfectly round shape, mimicking the shape of a cub’s facial structure. The head is normally made to look puffier than the rest of the body. This gives the Maltese a sort of bobblehead. You could also give your pooch a top knot, which is non-compulsory and up to your preference. The ear coats are also shaped carefully to make them look round and puffy, just like the rest of the body hair.

Overall, this Maltese haircut is easy to maintain thanks to its basic shape. It’s also quite easy to follow the pattern of the cut especially when you have your dog groomed regularly before the coat gets too long. Check out this video on how a (head) Teddy Bear Cut is done on a Maltese.

3. Kennel Cut

Moving on to another one of the easiest and low-maintenance Maltese haircuts to have, the Kennel Cut is basically a one-length haircut all over. It’s up to you as the owner to decide which length to follow, but this is typically maintained short. The Kennel Cut looks different on every dog.

One similarity is that your Maltese fur would look curly and cute when donning this haircut! Most owners would opt for an easy 1/2 inch shave down to make the groom worth the cost and to save on frequent grooming appointments. We find this haircut pattern practical and money-saving!

When doing this Maltese haircut, groomers use clippers first, then finish off with scissors. If you’re a busy pet owner, you’d love this haircut on your Maltese. It is cheaper than most haircuts and is easy to follow through with by other groomers. If you are planning to groom your pooch at home, we got the perfect recommendation for you!

We Recommend: Ceenwes Cordless Pet Grooming Set

Grooming sessions can be scary for dogs especially for small breeds like Maltese. You can put your pet at ease by purchasing clippers that work efficiently and silently. This Ceeswes Cordless Pet Grooming Set works like a dream!

Starting off with the low vibration and ultra-quiet operation, your Maltese would find it relaxing to be groomed each time. Expect no coat clamping and keep your pooch at all times while getting beautified.

When it comes to its efficiency, the acute-angle blade makes smooth cutting possible. It comes with 4 attachment guide combs (3mm, 6mm, 9mm, and 12mm) you can freely choose from to create any fancy or simple haircut by perfectly following the contour of your Maltese’s body minus the nips, cuts, and clamps.

Aside from the attachment, this set comes with a cleaning brush, stainless steel scissor, stainless steel comb, nail clipper kit, nail file, and storage bag. You will find the clippers lightweight and easy to handle with their cordless design. Charging takes five hours and after which you can use it for an uninterrupted 70 minutes. You may also use it with a cord as you please.

4. Bob Cut

Just like a human Bob Cut, a Maltese haircut in Bob Cut mimics this hairstyle by growing the head hair long and parting it in the middle. The ear hair and top hair are kept long while the rest of the body is trimmed short to highlight the “Bobness” of this hairstyle. You may keep the body hair length at a half-inch or an inch. Trimming it too short close to the skin will make your Maltese look like a bobblehead.

For this haircut, it’s important to make the ear shape as precisely as possible to capture the essence of the Bob Cut. Clippers are used on the body while the head hair is best trimmed using scissors for more accuracy.

The facial hair is also trimmed to make the whole look clean and fresh. DIYing the Bob Cut requires professional grooming skills. But if you’re up to the challenge, we have the perfect clipper set to recommend.

We Recommend: Sminiker Professional Rechargeable Cordless Clippers

You might have heard of the Sminiker brand before and this is because it is a truly trusted brand in the market. For instance, these Sminiker Professional Rechargeable Cordless Clippers have cutting-edge technology that allows you to create a precise cut with steady movements.

Any pet owner can explore the wonders of grooming in the comfort of their home with this beginner-friendly clipper set. Choose from the blade sizes (3mm, 6mm, 9mm, and 12mm) to get the length you prefer. This clipper set boasts of a precise motor and a quiet operation so your little pooch can have a relaxing, stress-free time while being groomed.

Grooming essentials aside, this set also comes with nail groomers to keep your puppy’s nails properly trimmed and cleaned regularly. This would finish off the Bob Cut well for your Maltese and make all the work easy for you.

5. Korean Cut

With Korean shows, music, and food booming today, your beloved Maltese cannot miss out on this worldwide trend! The Korean Cut looks adorable, stylish, and fancy. This is a great cut if you want to give your Maltese a truly pampered look.

To pull off this look effortlessly, growing your Maltese’s top hair is essential. Letting the feet’ hair grow puffy will emphasize this look further. This hairstyle can be done at home and it definitely falls under the “long cut” category.

Start by tying your dog’s hair in a bun to keep them away from the face. Shave the neck part a bit close to the skin with just the right amount of fluff. Next, trim the facial hair and give it a nice structure with a “cute face” that emphasizes a round snout shape and square-ish chin. Avoid trimming the throat area and near the eyes if you’re new to grooming.

Now with the head hair, carefully trim the ends to create a layered look. If you’re fairly new to grooming, you can put the hair in pigtails that will make it easier to make natural-looking layers. As for the feet, you want to create a triangular shape downward. Trim slowly to get your desired shape. For demonstration, here’s a detailed guide on doing the Korean Cut.

6. Puppy Cut

The Puppy Cut is preferred by many owners for their puppies or if you want a hassle-free look for your pooch. This cut is great for pups whose coat has not fully grown in length yet. It requires much less maintenance than a Standard Cut and is easy to follow by any groomer. Most of all, it looks completely adorable!

To perfect this Maltese haircut, the fur is trimmed to a certain short length all across the whole body, including the body, ears, face, and tail. Thanks to its simplicity, you can definitely do this look at home using grooming tools of your own.

The Maltese coat is prone to matting, as any Maltese lover would know. You can prevent this by giving your pooch a quick spritz and a comb down to remove all tangles. The Puppy Cut could also be called a “Short Trim”, inspired by its final look. If you are not keen on grooming your pup by yourself, you can always schedule an appointment with your trusted professional groomer in the area and have them prim and proper in no time!

7. Fluffy Legs & Feet

Your Maltese’s face may be the most noticeable part of their body, but you can pamper their legs and feet as much and make them look fancy. Doing a fluffy legs and feet Maltese haircut passes for show cut professionalism.

It is good to brush their hair first and remove all sorts of tangles. A slicker brush is best for this job. This has needle-like stainless steel pins that properly brush down the strands while removing tangles without causing pain. You could also use a pin brush to straighten the hair further and make cutting easier. While cutting, make sure to position the shear parallel to the floor to achieve an even cut. Curved shears are recommended.

Start with the bottom of the paws. Trim the edges of the feet’ hair to create an oval shape. Then, use thinning shears to create soft layers on the legs and make a boot-like structure. Cutting downwards is the key to achieving a fluffy triangular shape on the legs that meet the oval shape of the feet. If you need a more detail guide, check out this guided tutorial on fluffy legs and feet.

We Recommend: Ruff ‘N Ruffus Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

A slicker brush is something that you would use plenty of times to groom your Maltese whether or not you are doing a fluffy hairstyle. For brushing needs, we recommend no less than an Amazon’s Choice awardee, the Ruff ‘N Ruffus Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush!

Whether your Maltese has fine, coarse, curly, or thick hair, this slicker brush can bring convenience to your dematting sessions with your pooch. It can easily remove dander, knots, and loose hair to make grooming more manageable and efficient.

The rubberized handle is designed for your ergonomic hold and comfortable grip while the pinned ends are meant to massage your dog as you brush along. Ready to remove all the hair gathered? With one easy push of the button, this slicker brush cleans itself! Purchase this Ruff ‘N Ruffus Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush and get a FREE premium nail clipper!

We Recommend: Gimars Professional Dog Grooming Scissors Kit

High-quality shears are essential in doing fancy Maltese haircuts like fluffy legs and paws. This is why we strongly recommend the Gimars Professional Dog Grooming Scissors Kit.

Each set contains 4 round scissors that all achieve precise cuts and trims depending on the overall style you want for your pooch. All blades are sharpened to perfection while providing smooth and stable glide for your comfortable cutting experience.

Trimming can be strenuous on the hands, but not with this Gimars Shears Set. The set gives you two straightening scissors, one thinning scissor, one curved scissor, a grooming comb, and a storage case. If you are particular with the colors, there are design choices you can choose from – Black, Blue, Unicorn, and Pink.

Rounding Up the Best Maltese Haircuts

Giving your Maltese a fresh haircut not only gives your pooch a great look but also effectively rids of tangles, improves coat condition, and helps them move more comfortably.

From this list, you can take away plenty of Maltese haircuts that are suitable from puppies to adult Maltese. You can try doing these haircuts at home using store-bought tools or schedule a regular appointment with your trusted groomer.

If a long hairstyle is your preference for your dog, make sure to give them a weekly bath and brush their hair two to three times a week to keep it tangle-free, smooth, and manageable.

Fancier haircuts are more expensive, but they are worth spending for when you have the discipline, budget, and patience to maintain the look. Of course, always consider your dog’s comforts and needs, so you can achieve your desired haircut for them without any sort of hassle or discomfort.

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