is raw egg good for dogs

Is Raw Egg Good For Dogs? Facts To Know

Raw foods for dogs have such a bad rap to this day that even the nutritional goodness of eggs is being questioned. Dog owners are iffy about giving raw eggs to their canines even though they may be wondering is raw egg good for dogs, while non-dog-owners simply say it should be a no-no. But what is the real deal when it comes to a raw eggs diet?

Is raw egg good for dogs?

For a short answer: YES! Raw eggs are completely safe for dogs!

They are not only fortified as superfoods in general but they are actually recommended to be a part of a canine’s healthy diet. Furthermore, feeding Fido the eggshells would be taking the whole raw diet up a notch for a good cause! Until your hound is used to his change in diet, you can slowly incorporate raw eggs (not just egg whites) into their meals once a day.

This blog post is all about breaking myths surrounding “the dangers of serving raw eggs to dogs,” and laying the benefits Fido can enjoy from this staple superfood. We also provide brief guidance on how to effectively transition from serving cooked to raw eggs to your beloved canine, as well as a handy list of dog foods that incorporate raw eggs into their ingredients.

By the time you are done reading this blog post, best believe you will be armed with great information to have your hound living long, happy, and healthy, thanks to the wonders of raw eggs.

Addressing Controversies on Raw Eggs for Dogs

There are plenty of controversies surrounding raw eggs for dogs. Some of them are purely ill-conceived while some are based on science. Let us discuss the three biggest myths of serving raw eggs in a canine’s diet: cholesterol, e.coli/salmonella, and avidin.

High Cholesterol Levels

Over the years, there is still an ongoing debate over the cholesterol levels eggs contain. Should yolks be avoided? Are they dangerous for dogs? Are eggs even beneficial for our canines?

Setting the facts straight: Yes, eggs contain cholesterol but not a significant amount like trans fat and saturated fats do where we normally obtain the high cholesterol we do not need. Both humans and dogs can eat up to seven eggs a week with no gut issues occurring along the way.

Moreover, cholesterol is high in steroid hormones like cortisol, estrogen, and testosterone, which all benefit a healthy canine. The fascinating thing with cholesterol is, the more you consume, the less your body produces it. It is no different with canines. In fact, fats are an essential part of their diet. So if you are feeding Fido one raw egg per day, rest assured he will stay strong and healthy and there would be an unlikely spike in their cholesterol level.

Ingestion of E.Coli or Salmonella

Let us cut to the chase – dogs have epic strong immune systems. In fact, much stronger than humans do. Their capacity to drink tap water and eat off of the ground should be enough proof. To add to that, canines have the natural capacity to eat raw food like animal meat and organs from chicken, pigs, and cows, to name some. How much more a menial serving of raw egg?

Remember how back in the days, dogs used to hunt a lot, as would their wilder cousins – the foxes, wolves, and coyotes. They would steal eggs from nests and eat them raw to keep their energy up. Dogs’ instincts back then are not any different today. Moreover, a canine’s digestive tract is shorter and contains higher acid content, giving little room for bacteria to grow or live inside their guts.

Here’s a plot twist: we dog owners are more prone to giving our beloved dogs Salmonella or E.Coli based on how we handle their food! It is never overrated to wash your hands before and after handling raw eggs especially when this little act saves your furry pal from health issues and astounding vet bills.

Overconsumption of Avidin

According to Wikipedia, Avidin is “a tetrameric biotin-binding protein” found in birds’, reptiles’, and amphibians’ oviducts, which are deposited in their egg’s whites. It is non-essential for humans but it contributes a great deal to your canine’s cell growth, coat condition, and metabolism.

Too much of anything is harmful, which is the basic argument surrounding overconsumption of avidin that leads to biotin deficiency. The symptoms of which in dogs include crusty, flaky, or dry skin, fur loss, and brittle hair.

This is where biotin enters the picture. Fortunately, both avidin and biotin are present in raw eggs and help balance each other out for your canine’s optimum diet. Statistically speaking, your dog would need to consume a significant amount of egg whites to be considered biotin-deficient. Until then, raw eggs should be the least of your worries.

To cap off the avidin controversy, even the American Kennel Club claims that eggs are safe and healthy for dogs. With the level of protein, fatty acids, and vitamins essential for a dog diet, no wonder they’re considered a superfood! For best measures, make sure you stock up on free-range, organic eggs for your dog’s daily meals.

Wonderful Benefits of Raw Eggs for Dogs

Suffice to say, raw eggs are safe, healthy, and most importantly essential to your canine’s long-term health. Eggs in general are kitchen staples whether for dogs or humans. It is a truly versatile ingredient that can be included in a vast list of recipes from dishes to desserts.

Aside from general gut health, raw eggs provide fantastic benefits to your canine’s coat condition. With loads of amino and fatty acids, you should not be surprised when Fido’s fur seems to be extra shiny and soft. You can thank the eggs for it!

As mentioned earlier, raw eggs are categorized as superfoods – and rightfully so! They contain a pack of Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Folate, Riboflavin, and Iron – all working together to fight off diseases and further increase your canine’s immunity against potentially harmful elements.

As such, raw eggs are becoming a more famous ingredient among dog foods all over the market. From dry goods to canned foods, brands make it a point to include raw eggs into the balance and provide higher nutritional value to all the Fidos of the world.

When preparing it at home, make sure to avoid potentially harmful ingredients for dogs like salt, pepper, and spices. Keep it plain, simple, and salt-less just like how dogs prefer it!

HANSGO Egg Holder, 24 Egg Box

If you have intentions of feeding your hound an egg a piece every day, then you should stock up on eggs and have them stored in a safe container. We recommend this egg box from HANSGO. It is a practical container for everyday kitchen use.

This HANSGO egg holder stores 24 eggs and can be stored inside the refrigerator and stacked with other containers without causing or getting damage on its outer shell. It is also suitable for storing in the freezer, pantry, and kitchen cabinet. Have this permanently stationed in your kitchen or bring it to a picnic to feed your dog their daily egg intake without fail. Say no more to flimsy cartons and breakable storage cases!

How To Transition from Cooked to Raw Eggs

An egg’s versatility shows when it is feeding time. Aside from chicken eggs, quail eggs and duck eggs are a great source of protein, calcium, and minerals for your beloved Fido.

Puppies especially are new to such foods and do not have much room in their bellies to eat a hearty meal, so non-chicken alternatives like quail and duck eggs are great for small consumptions while providing the nutritional values your pup requires in their diet. This is also suitable for smaller breeds that do not need to eat a whole chicken egg to meet their protein needs.

Raw eggs may be an excellent topper to your meal, but Fido may need some getting used to it. You can ease into the transition by following our tips. There are two basic ways to incorporate raw eggs into your dog’s meal. You can mix it in their prepared food or crack it on top and let your dog feed on it as is.

For a gentle kickstart, serve an egg for a day or two and observe how your pet reacts to it. Accepting raw eggs as a part of their diet may take a while if you have been feeding your dog scrambled eggs every day, but do not lose hope too early! Your dog’s natural instincts will start to kick in and recognize the appetizing smell and taste of raw eggs.

Serve one raw egg every other day until you can do it smoothly every day for an entire week. As always, remember to sanitize your hands before and after handling raw eggs. You might be surprised at how they quickly adapt to this raw egg diet! Find it hard to believe us? Then let this fun video of dogs voluntarily eating raw eggs be our proof!

Should I Also Serve the Eggshells?

Here is a fun fact about eggs: You can serve everything to your dog. Yes, including the eggshells! Aside from being calcium-rich, the eggshells are packed with 27 mineral elements that are essential for your dog’s coat condition, bone density, dental health, and muscle growth.

Besides adding some nutritional goodness to your dog’s diet, serving the eggshells provides a more convenient way to prepare their food. It also creates less waste for you. It may not look appetizing for us humans but trust us, your canine will gobble those shells like there are not enough eggs in the world!

While there is no strong evidence that eggshells cause salmonella outbreaks among dogs, hygienic preparation is the key to ensuring the long-term health of your beloved canine. We should also be considerate of their eating comfort. Instead of cracking the eggs onto their plate and leaving the eggshells in their whole glory, you can grind them smaller to aid in your dog’s digestion. This will also prevent any choking incidents, especially for dogs who scoff or bolt at their food.

It would provide more ease on your end when you prepare eggshell powders beforehand. A ¼ teaspoon of eggshell powder per an 8-ounce meal is a good ratio. If you are unsure how much calcium your canine requires, consult a veterinarian and take the guesswork out of the picture.

To prepare the eggshell powder, collect a dozen or so eggshells, wash thoroughly, and let dry. For the drying part, you can leave them on the table at room temperature and store them in the fridge. You may also warm them in the oven to dry under 200ºF (95ºC) for no more than 10 minutes and let them cool down.

For the grinding process, you may use a grinder, a more traditional mortar-and-pestle combination, or even a rolling pin to crush and grind the eggshells into powdery bits. Grind until there is no longer sharp residue left. Store your eggshell powder in an airtight container to preserve the freshness. They should be suitable for consumption within the next 2 months, provided they do not get wet.

Purina Moist & Meaty, Bacon & Egg Flavor Adult Wet Dog Food

Transitioning into a raw egg diet can be challenging for dogs at first. We suggest easing into it with flavorful dog food that incorporates real egg goodness. Purina offers nutrition and convenience with their products in one go featuring pouches that keep the kibbles fresh and tasting delish.

Purina knows how to make their food high-quality, appetizing for dogs of varying breeds and ages, and conveniently affordable and accessible for dog owners. The Purina Moist & Meaty Adult Wet Dog Food is suitable for wet or dry serving and can also be given as treats or snacks. It gives your canine plenty of options to eat this Purina dog food while getting the proteins and nutrients raw eggs offer.

With the delicious combination of bacon and egg, we can almost guarantee for your dogs to lick their bowls clean and have room for more of this moist and meaty goodness!

Blue Buffalo Health Bars Dog Biscuits

Another egg-based snack your dog would surely love is this Blue Buffalo Health Bars Dog Biscuits. Dogs of all sizes would enjoy this biscuit for day treats. Having been oven-baked gives the biscuits an extra crunch that is truly satisfying and mouth-smacking. Aside from being delicious, these biscuits are made with wholesome ingredients. It is enhanced with minerals and vitamins that fortify the healthy growth and development of our beloved canines.

Spoil your furry pal with the Blue Buffalo Health Bars Dog Biscuits available in various packs. Choose from 11 oz., 16 oz., 32 oz., and 56 oz. Other flavors available include Apple & Yogurt, Banana & Yogurt, Beef, Chicken Liver, Pumpkin & Cinnamon. For best serving, give the biscuits for intermittent or supplemental feeding.

Bonus: Hamilton Beach Electric Coffee Grinder

The Hamilton Beach Electric Coffee Grinder is the clear winner among all coffee grinders on Amazon. Tagged as Amazon’s Choice, this coffee grinder works wonders not just for coffee beans but also for your dog’s eggshells!

This machine’s quiet operation is heavenly. Dogs are easily rattled or disturbed by sudden or long noises, so this grinder is perfect for crushing those eggshells without alerting anyone, not even Fido’s sensitive ears. The grinding chamber collects all the eggshells and provides efficient clean-up. It is easy to operate even for beginners with a single push of a button.

All in all, you can make as many as 9 tablespoons of ground eggshells using this grinder. That is about 18 teaspoons or 36 one-fourth teaspoons of eggshell powder per meal. In one production, you can have a stock of eggshell powder for a little more than a month. That is a lot of grinding time saved!

When it comes to the material, durability, and storage concerns, you have nothing to worry about. The machine is made with solid stainless steel blades that can grind eggshells as effortlessly as can be. The hidden cord storage makes the cord neatly tucked underneath for less visual clutter and space-saving storage.

After all the grinding process is done, all that is left to do is store everything in an airtight container for preserved freshness!

The Verdict: Is Raw Egg Good for Dogs?

To round up the information we laid out in this article, yes, raw eggs are definitely good for dogs! They are not only delicious and easy to incorporate into meals, but they are quite essential for the long-term health of our beloved canines.

Serving in moderation is the key to sustaining a healthy serving size for your hounds, not forgetting that pups can also enjoy the benefits of raw eggs. In the case of allergies to chicken eggs, quail and duck eggs are great alternatives. You could also add crushed eggshells for an extra crunch or grind them into powder for easy sprinkling as a topper.

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