How to exercise a dog indoors

How To Exercise A Dog Indoors?

If you have a dog, you’ll know that you need to let your furkid have sufficient exercise to ensure its fitness. One of the easiest ways to do so is to bring your doggo for walks, preferably a few times a day. But what happens if it’s a bad weather or if you’re on lockdown due to the pandemic? A big concern you’ll have is how to exercise a dog indoors?

For many people, exercising indoors means going to the gym. Even if they do not wish to leave the house, they can also purchase gym equipment so they can work out in the comfort of their own homes. But, is it possible for you to do the same for your furkid? How does the idea of starting a home gym for your dog sound?

Buying and using exercise equipment for dogs provokes mixed views. Some pet guardians argue that walks coupled with a bit of play are enough to keep dogs in top shape. Others feel that workout equipment are necessary.

If the mixed reactions have left you confused, this post is a must-read. It sheds light on the strengths and shortcomings of exercise equipment for dogs. This info will help you determine if buying workout equipment is a good alternative if you need to exercise your dog indoors.

6 Reasons to Buy Exercise Equipment for Dogs

  1. They will help you exercise your canine at home

With the right exercise equipment for exercising dogs, you will never have to take your furry friend out for walks or to the dog park. Instead, you’ll just need to set up the equipment and help your dog stay fit within the comfort of your backyard or house.

This means you will never have to brave bad weather, or risk walking in isolated walk trails early in the morning or late in the evening. In addition, your furry friend will not have to skip workouts simply because the weather was unfavorable or you felt it was too late or early to hit the walk trails.

  1. With the equipment, you can exercise your pooch anytime

While dog walking is the most common form of exercise for dogs, it might not be convenient at times. For instance, if you have a day job, you will have to walk your pup early in the morning before leaving for work, or late in the evening after work.

Abiding by such strict schedules is hard, especially if you’re working full-time. In fact, you can easily skip training since, sometimes, you may want to spend your evenings with the people you love or wake up early in the morning to complete an important assignment that needs more time.

In such situations, the proper exercise equipment for dogs would bail you out. They will help you exercise your dog at the most convenient time. You won’t be rushing to hit the walk trails before it is too late.

  1. Exercise equipment minimize chances of your dog getting an infection

While walks and other forms of outdoor training are great, they come with a fair share of problems. For example, your pup will be at risk of acquiring infectious conditions like kennel cough, canine flu, and distemper from other dogs.

Thus, if you are a guardian to a pooch with compromised immunity or an unvaccinated puppy, exercising in spaces frequented by other dogs wouldn’t be an excellent idea. Your dog could end up with a distressing ailment transmitted by other dogs.

With the right workout equipment for dogs, you won’t have to take your dog or puppy out to dog parks, walking trails, and other public spaces.

  1. They will help your obese canine to shed weight easily

Helping an obese dog to shed excess fat isn’t a walk in the park. It is a task that requires long morning or evening walks coupled with other intense workouts like fetch, flyball, agility training, and dock diving.

But, let’s face it. Going for long walks, or playing for prolonged hours with your dog is quite demanding. You need lots of free time and super energy to keep up with the challenging dog training sessions.

Nevertheless, with the right workout equipment for dogs, the obese or overweight canine will get heavy workouts within the comfort of your home. You can stop worrying about how to exercise a dog indoors and instead draw up a schedule for training your furkid on the doggie gum at home.

  1. Exercise equipment help shape up a canine’s behavior

Inadequate exercise is the root cause of anxiety, aggressiveness, rough play, whining, chewing, barking, night-time activity, digging, begging, disobedience, biting, and other behavioral problems.

Thus, if your canine has been exhibiting these behavioral issues, it would be sensible to supplement regular walks with intense dog workouts aided by the right exercising equipment.

Heavy workouts will boost the production of endorphins, a collection of hormones that combat depression, nervousness, and impulsive behaviors. Also, intense exercise will regulate stress-regulating hormones like cortisol and epinephrine.

  1. With some equipment, you can customize your dog’s workouts

Some advanced exercise equipment for dogs, like a treadmill, allows you to customize workouts according to your dog’s fitness level. For instance, you can make workouts harder for high-energy dogs, and simpler for seniors.

Also, advanced dog training equipment will let you keep track of essential workout metrics like time, distance, and calories burnt. They are an excellent investment for pet parents who wish to eliminate guesswork when exercising their dogs.

3 Limitations of Dog Exercising Equipment

Dog training equipment aren’t flawless. In fact, they do come with a couple of shortcomings that you have to consider carefully before you purchase. Some of the common limitations reported by a majority of pawrents include:

1. The exercise equipment offer repetitive workouts

Many workout equipment for canines aren’t multipurpose. They offer one or just a few types of exercise. For that reason, you will have to use the equipment alongside general workouts like walking or running. Alternatively, you can get a couple of training equipment instead of buying a single piece.

2. Workout equipment can curtail socialization

Over relying on exercise equipment isn’t a good thing. You could limit your pooch from meeting and playing with other dogs and people, a mishap that would pave the way to behavioral disorders. Your canine will start getting aggressive, nervous, or fearful when it is around strangers and new dogs.

3. Exercise equipment aren’t cheap

Many workout equipment for dogs don’t come cheap. You will need to spend some valuable amount to get high-quality, durable pieces. But, if your budget is low, you can look around for the simple pieces of equipment. They will still help your dog keep fit.

Verdict — Are workout equipment for canines a good idea?

Undoubtedly, the decision of buying or not buying workout equipment rests on your inclinations. But then, if you wish to go with the masses, investing in exercise equipment for dogs wouldn’t be a bad idea. It’s definitely an answer to your question of how to exercise a dog indoors!

They will help you exercise your dog at your most convenient time. You and your lovely pup will never have to hit the walk trails at odd hours or when the weather is unfavorable. Additionally, the workout equipment for dogs will help your obese dog shed weight quickly.

Nonetheless, exercise equipment shouldn’t substitute regular workouts like walking. Otherwise, you will lock out your four-legged friend from socialization, and exploring the beautiful environment out of your home.

6 Best Exercise Equipment for Dogs

If you feel that buying exercise equipment for your dog would be a good idea, here are great products to consider buying. The picks will help your pup shed excess fat, build muscle, as well as improve its overall health.

  1. DogPacer MiniPacer Treadmill

Walks are great for dogs. That’s why dog walking is the most preferred form of exercise. However, at times, circumstances will push you to skip workouts. Perhaps, you are busy with work, it is late to go out, or you are not physically fit to accompany your dog.

If you’ve been struggling to take your pup out for walks, DogPacer made this MiniPacer treadmill for you. It provides a platform where your dog can walk or run anytime within the comfort of your home.

This treadmill will let you adjust your dog’s walking speed, as well as the inclination of the running deck whenever you wish to make workouts easy or difficult. After use, collapse its sides to save some storage space.

• Let’s you walk your dog with minimal involvement
• Offers customizable workouts
• Easy to use
• It saves you and your dog from walking in bad weather

• Your dog will need some learning
• Takes up some substantial indoor space

  1. SYOOY Extendable Teaser for dogs

Though it looks like a simple toy, the SYOOY extendable teaser for dogs offers several benefits. Its teasing exercises will work out your pooch’s mind and muscles, as well as help it burn some excess calories. Do not let the modest design dispirit you from buying it.

SYOOY’s technicians made this extendable dog teaser with your comfort in mind. That’s why it features a lightweight aluminum rod to reduce exhaustion and a rubberized handle to give you a firm grip. You will use it during those long workout sessions without issue.

With the teasers’ long rod, your hands will never end up with accidental bites or scratches in the event of teasing your lovely four-legged friend.

• Retractable rod
• Durable aluminum and nylon construction
• Ergonomic grip for enhanced comfort
• Affordable

• The telescoping rod’s lock is delicate

  1. CHEERING Pet 28 Piece Dog Agility Equipment

Supposing your dog loves trying out new activities, this CHEERING pet exercise kit will not disappoint. It comes in a pack containing a height-adjustable hurdle, a rope, a tunnel, slalom poles, a pause box, whistle, and stakes.

With these pieces of equipment, you can involve your dog in tugs, jumps, runs, and several other workouts. The endless opportunities for play and fun will save you and your canine from boredom.

Since the equipment in this kit are prone to abuse, CHEERING Pet made each piece from ultra-durable materials to last long. They will survive your dog’s sharp claws or teeth for a relatively long period.

• Offer plenty of play opportunities
• Easy to store
• Long-lasting
• For small to big dogs

• Quite costly

  1. PawHut 4PC Training Kit for Dogs

The PawHut 4PC training kit for dogs is another great exercising equipment for dogs that love new fun activities. This kit has an open tunnel, rope, square pause, weave poles, and hurdles.

With these equipment, you can play hide and seek, tug, jumps, runs, and many more fun exercises for dogs. Your explorative four-legged friend won’t get tired walking on the same trails or doing repetitive activities each day.

Made from durable materials, these exercise equipment for dogs will not give in to clawing and chewing. Also, the equipment can survive harsh weather elements for a pretty long time.

• Made to last
• Bonus bags for storage
• Kit offers plenty of exercising opportunities

• Not ideal for large, aggressive dogs

  1. PET ARTIST Weight Pulling Harness

The PET ARTIST made this leash for high-energy dogs that need intense workouts. So, if you keep an American hairless terrier, Bloodhound, and Bernese mountain dog, Blue lacy, Bichon Frise, Beagle, Scent hound, and any other high-energy dog, this equipment is for you.

The harness will help your dog pull weights while working out. It is a great way to add some aspect of difficulty to the regular workouts like walking, canicross, skijoring, and sled.

Equipped with wide, padded straps, this leash will not hurt your do’s neck and chest area when pulling loads. The strips are breathable and sturdy enough to withstand a resistance of 1200lbs.

• Heavy-weight construction
• Ergonomic design
• Washable

• The leash doesn’t come with loads
• Available in one size

  1. Houseables Dog Tunnel

This agility dog tunnel from Houseables supports casual play, behavioral training, and regular workouts. You can use it for play and seek, fetch, and other games that boost self-confidence, agility, and leaner muscles.

Houseables made their tunnel from 600D Oxford Dacron, a tear-resistance, weatherproof material. It will endure heavy scratching from sharp nails and the damage associated with bad weather elements. You can use it outdoors.

What’s more? The Houseables dog tunnel folds flat for storage and portability. So, if you are that highly mobile pet parent who enjoys traveling alongside their dog, this tunnel will come in handy. It comes with a custom-tailored pack to store and carry.

• Tear-resistant
• Weatherproof
• Stain-resistant
• Collapsible

• Not for large dogs

Final Thoughts

While you can keep your dog fit by walking and playing ordinary games, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of exercise equipment. They will help your dog get enough exercise without hitting the walking trails daily.

In addition, exercise equipment for dogs will help you provide enough exercise without pushing yourself too much. Thus, if you’re wondering how to exercise a dog indoors when the weather is unfavourable and when you’re stuck in a lockdown, you can still keep your canine fit with workout equipment in the house.

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