best clippers for matted dog hair

5 Best Clippers For Matted Dog Hair

Imagine yourself just resting on the sofa with your dog. You suddenly feel a small knot on their fur. And then another. And another. Uh-oh, tangles! Dog owners like ourselves are no strangers to knots. We’re as concerned when we feel those tiny knots hidden under their long furs and we know the struggle all too well with brushing, bathing, and grooming.

We feel your worries, which is why we dedicate this article to dog owners who want to unravel the truths behind matting, featuring the best clippers for matted dog hair. Let’s get on with it!

Everything You Should Know About Matted Hair

Matted hair or “matting” is excessive tangles of dog hair that result in a clump of fur or dense knots. Matting is prevalent in dogs or cats with long hair. Due to the length of the fur, combined with lack of grooming aid, this often leads to tangling and later on, thick and solid matting.

All dogs with long and single-layer fur are susceptible to matting, especially breeds such as Cocker Spaniels, Bishon, Shih Tzus, Poodles, Yorkshire Terrier, Maltese, and other similar breed variations.

Matting typically occurs during the shedding season, which is when the dog’s fur is transitioning from winter coat to summer coat. Other than just normal tangling, there are many reasons behind matting.

● Excessive scratching – Dogs normally scratch. But when it becomes extreme scratching sessions, this could lead to matting. Allergies and fleas are the common culprits for unusual scratching.

● Water – This contributes to the tightness of matting. Whether your dog loves swimming or playing outside in the rain and laying on the wet grass, expect immediate tangling on their coat once they stumble inside your home.

● Seasonal – As mentioned above, the season has a significant impact on your dog’s matting tendencies. The best solution to work around the season is by maintaining your canine’s fur and health to be in tiptop shape.

● Friction – On a regular basis, your fur baby’s coat will be rubbed, whether they’re playing or stationary. As the hair grows, friction occurs more. Pay attention to certain parts of their body like the armpits, behind the ears, areas they frequently scratch, and the areas where collars and harness sit and dent. These are the spots which will be especially prone to matting.

So why should you care about matting? Well, in instances that you neglect your dog’s mild matting, it could eventually worsen and lead to adverse effects such as the following:
● Poor ventilation
● Poor blood flow
● Infections
● Hematoma
● Skin irritations
● Hidden parasites and other health issues

Because there’s no visible access to the skin, you will most likely have a hard time checking your dog’s surface health, finding parasites or infections if any, and others that concern your pup’s overall well-being, comfort, and hygiene.

It’s equally important to know the areas where matting is more prone to happen, so you can keep a close eye on these parts whenever you’re inspecting your dog’s fur:
● Back of ears
● Butt area
● Belly area
● Areas under the legs

The ways that you can remove matting or prevent it from getting more tangled is through frequent brushing and regular grooming. While aesthetics are nice, note that you should keep your pet’s fur at a manageable length and schedule for professional grooming every 6-8 weeks for maintenance.

If the matting is too tremendous for regular grooming, then a dematting procedure is required. This is often painful for the dogs and encompasses a delicate procedure that requires more time, patience, and tools to perform as it requires pulling on the skin and closely shaving the fur from the skin. It’s important to remember that not all dogs are eligible for a dematting treatment, especially for those with short fur.

In terms of grooming, a short haircut or complete shave is recommended only for single-layer coated breeds. Double-coated dogs or mixed breeds such as Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Corgis, Rottweilers, Siberian Huskies, and similar breeds should never be shaved. The best way to groom them is through regular brushing to remove their undercoat and for that, you’ll need to know the best clippers for matted dog hair.

Why Bother with a Special Clipper?

Dog clippers come in different variations, sizes, and features like corded, single-speed, low vibration, or professional dog clippers, to name a few. Unlike a standard clipper, matted dog trimmers are designed to cut unwanted tangles with their wide, sharp blades and finer edges. They are definitely strong, heavy-duty, and durable for long-term use. Quality clippers for matted dog hair provide high motor speed, no heat dispersed, noiseless operation, and a lightweight build.

By investing in state-of-the-art clippers for matt grooming, your furry pal would have more chances of having a healthier coat, problem-free skin, and a more comfortable lifestyle.

This brings us to the top 5 best clippers for matted dog hair:

Sminiker Professional Pet Clipper

If you’re the type of dog owner who wants a complete package under one purchase, then the Sminiker Professional Pet Clipper is the one for you! Heavy-duty, titanium blade, precise motor – it has all the features you want and more to make your monthly grooming session with your canine a breeze!

It has an ultra-quiet design that would surely have your fur pal feeling truly relaxed and pampered without the stressful noise and environment. It comes with 4 limiting combs, scissors, a nail file, a rechargeable battery, and a cleaning brush, all to make the grooming convenient for you.

Holdog Pet Grooming Clippers

Into sleek-looking and -functioning dog clippers? The Holdog Pet Grooming Clippers will satisfy your grooming needs and style preferences. This one features a detachable titanium-ceramic blade, low noise, low vibration, powerful and long-life use, and a user-friendly mechanism.

You’re all set with the complete kit inclusive of a stainless steel comb, oil bottle, small cleaning brush, 4 attachment combs, and a stainless steel scissor. Have an easy time grooming your dogs like a pro and preventing any chance of matting all the way. Make your canine feel like a king or queen with the Holdog Pet Grooming Clippers Kit!

Wahl Clipper Pet-Pro Dog Grooming Kit

If you want more color in your dog tools, then you’ll love this dog grooming kit from Wahl! Each colored blade comes with a corresponding length, making it easy for you to remember your go-to blade attachment. It features precise, self-sharpening blades that will surely give your canine a clean and seamless trim. It commits zero pulls and cuts, so this kit will come in handy for dogs with mild matting. Last but not least, the adjustable taper level makes creating fades and blends a dream!

Oneisall Quiet Pet Clippers

This Oneisall clippers kit says it all – it’s an ultra-quiet, low vibrational, yet powerful tool that will make your dream trimming session a reality! Tagged as Amazon’s Choice, you can never go wrong with this consumer favorite. Safe and durable. Ergonomic design for easy handling especially for first-time users. A rechargeable operation. And best of all, adjustable blade distance to give your pet a healthy, gorgeous-looking, manageable length.

The package includes 6 guard combs, a pair of grooming scissors, a grooming comb, a cleaning brush, and a charging adapter. Expect this kit to shave like butter! Purchase a box of Oneisall Quiet Pet Clippers today for your trimming pleasure.

Highdas Dog Grooming Kit

Great things come at a cost, but not with the Highdas Dog Grooming Kit! We all know that dogs with matting are extra sensitive to noises, vibrations, and heavy tools, which is why Highdas made sure to provide the lowest vibrations and most silent features in this grooming kit.

With volume lower than 50db, it would almost feel like nothing for your pet! Each comb comes with different lengths, you’ll find these clippers a wonder to use for your long-haired canine. It has a professional ceramic knife head that is highly durable and sharp while the overall built and function is friendly for grooming beginners and novice users.

Home Remedies + Other Dog Haircare

There’s more to dog fur care than monthly grooming. Apart from knowing which are the best clippers for matted dog hair, learning home remedies methods will also help you carry out haircare for your dog. Do these methods and keep a stash of the following tools so you can regularly check your dog’s coat condition, even on a daily practice.


● Applying cornstarch – Cornstarch helps detangle clumps of hair so you can have an easier time brushing your pup’s fur. Sprinkle a generous amount of cornstarch on parts that have tangles and knots and comb out the strands using a slicker brush.

● Regular brushing – Regularly brushing your dog’s fur can prevent matting from worsening or beginning at all. Dog brushes and combs come in various sizes and purposes. For long-haired breeds, pin brush and slicker brush work best. Brush their fur every few days to remove tangles and leave their coat shiny, sleek, and dust-free.

● Brushing before bathing – As a rule of thumb, always brush your dog first before giving them a bath. Especially don’t bathe your dog when there is matting. Water can only tighten the matts and tangles, and make them harder to break apart. You can use a plastic bristle brush to untangle the matts and a slicker brush to comb out loose strands. You may also use a pin brush and comb for extra measures.

● Dematting – When your dog’s matting is more than what your home clipper can handle, dematting is essential. This is the process of detangling clumps one small section at a time using detangling tools and products, followed by brushing. This is a rigorous process that requires patience, time, and professional hands. Go to certified veterinarians or professional groomers to perform the dematting process for the best results. Don’t attempt to do it at home as this may lead to injury in your furkid.


● Detangling shampoo – Just like humans, dogs also have specialized shampoo products to help them maintain a healthy and fresh-looking coat. Keep a stash of detangling shampoo in your pantry and opt for it when you see minor tangles on your dog’s fur. Avoid using human shampoo as these contain different pH levels that can disrupt your dog’s acid mantle. This can leave them more susceptible to parasites, bacteria, and viruses.

● Detangler spray – A single bottle can help you prevent static on your dog’s fur and make the whole brushing and bathing process much easier and convenient for you. Detangler sprays also have conditioners in them, so the tangles and knots are easy to remove using the right brush.

● Detangling brushes – Dogs require different types of brushes based on the condition of their coat. In this case, breeds with long hair are more prone to tangling and matting, so a slicker brush is your best bet. They’re made with short wires attached closely on a flat surface so they can surely get into all those hidden knots under your dog’s fur. Finish off with a pin brush, which is made with flexible wires topped with pins.

● Rolled leather collar – Body harnesses and thick collars cause friction and dents on your dog’s fur. When left for too long, this results in tangles. Make it a habit to remove their collar once inside the house. Opt for a rolled leather collar that is friendlier on their coat.


Did you know, diet is often the most neglected part of a dog’s coat health. We love spoiling our dogs with yummy treats, but what they consume has a significant impact on their mobility, physical appearance, and comfort. Ideally, canines should have a healthy diet of meats, grains, fruits, and vegetables.

Omega 3 is a powerful ingredient in their daily food intake, which supplies them with healthy fur. Fish oil-rich foods and supplements also contribute to their shiny coat. You can include fresh salmon, tuna, and sardines in their diet. Add an extra crunch by sprinkling eggshells on the top, aside from raw eggs served once a week. This will ensure that your dog has a balanced diet that will also give it a healthier coat of fur.

Final Thoughts

For the best clippers for matted dog hair, we recommend these bad boys: Sminiker Professional Pet Clipper, Holdog Pet Grooming Clippers, Wahl Clipper Pet-Pro Dog Grooming Kit, Oneisall Quiet Pet Clippers, and Highdas Dog Grooming Kit. You definitely don’t have to buy all of them. Just get the one which is most suitable for your furkid and which you’re most comfortable in using for your dog.

Regular home grooming like brushing and bathing also helps minimize tangling and matting, no matter the season. Thus, it is important that you spend lots of time brushing out your furry friend’s fur, especially if you have a long-haired dog breed. Lastly, putting extra effort into your dog’s diet will give them a better mood, a healthier coat, and happier days ahead. Happy brushing!

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