how to bathe a dog at home

How To Bathe A Dog At Home: Top Tips To A Clean Pup

Clean dogs are adorable. Their coat looks tidy, they shed little fur, and their dog odor doesn’t make you smell them from 10 miles away! You will naturally enjoy every single moment you spend around a well-groomed, clean four-legged confidant and you would like to ask the pawrent how to bathe a dog at home as he/she had done a good job!

Because you know, dogs loathe bathing. The daring ones will try to resist, while timid ones will wear a fearful face that draws pity. Such reactions can discourage you from bathing your dog, more so if you are a first-time pet parent.

The resolution?

How to bathe a dog at home

With the right dog bathing skills coupled with the right accessories, bathing your dog will be a breeze. Our post sheds light on the correct dog bathing procedure, and the tools that would streamline bathing your dog at home.

1. Brush your dog’s coat before bath time

Fur is the hub of dirt. It traps odor, dead skin cells, oil, sweat, loose hair, mud, dander, parasites, pollen, and all other forms of dirt. If you bathe your pup before brushing its coat out, you’ll not be able to clear out all this dirt.

Therefore, before you get that furry friend into the sink, shower, bathtub or grooming station, make sure you brush their coat to dislodge the dirt hidden under the coat. Give it a thorough brush just like you would to your hair, especially if you have long hair.

In addition, brushing will disentangle matted hair to give your dog that well-groomed appearance that people love.

2. Always use lukewarm water

Dogs are very sensitive to very cold or hot water. Actually, your dog will instinctively think that you are trying to harm it the moment you try dipping them in water that is either too cold, or too warm. For that reason, if you want them to cooperate, use lukewarm water to bathe them.

3. Reassure and calm down that furry friend

A dog’s hate for bathing is a natural reaction. Like any animal, these furry friends weren’t created to take showers. So, when they resist, don’t assume that they are mischievous or disobedient.

Instead, reassure and calm them down with love. You can talk to them, give treats, or employ any other creative calming tricks in your disposition. That way, you will encourage them to love bath time.

4. Use the right dog shampoo

Vets claim that human shampoo destroys your pup’s skin thereby making it vulnerable to bacterial, viral, and parasitic infections. Therefore, you should never use your own shampoo to bathe your four-legged friend.

As a rule of thumb, always use a shampoo formulated for dogs. Unlike human shampoo, dog recommended shampoo will soothe, moisturize, treat, and nourish your pup’s coat. This shampoo will not just dislodge dirt but will keep your furkid healthy.

5. Bond with that four-legged family after bath time

After a successful bath time session, spend a few minutes playing and petting your doggie. In addition, you can give your dog some treats and praises to refresh the bond you almost lost while wrestling them to bathe.

This gesture will help your furry friend understand that bathing isn’t a form of torture. Bonding after bathing will also reduce your dog’s anxiety.

how to bathe a dog at home

Basic accessories you need to bath your dog

Even with a precise dog bathing procedure, your experience wouldn’t be easy without the right bathing accessories. They will help you scrub, restrain, and groom that uncooperative furry friend within the shortest time possible.

Some of the basic accessories you would need to simplify your dog grooming procedure include:
• A brush to remove entangled mattes and dander
• Washing station for bathing them
• A sprayer to rinse your four-legged family member
• Soap or shampoo to dislodge dirt and remove odor
• A towel to dry your dog after bathing
• Dog hairdryer to dry dogs with a dense coat
• A tether to restrain uncooperative dogs
• Grooming gloves to protect sensitive hands

When should you bathe your dog?

The frequency for bathing dogs depends on their type of coat, as well as the environment where they spend most of their time. For instance, dogs with short fur need to bathe once a month, while their counterparts with oily and thick coats will need a bath at least once a week.

On the other hand, dogs that spend much time outdoors, rolling on grass, mud, and other soiled surfaces, will need frequent baths. This is to ensure the personal hygiene of your dog so it does not fall sick easily. You definitely do not want them to walk all over your house with muddy feet!

Best dog grooming accessories to simplify bathing

If your dog bathing starter kit is empty, and you are looking to stock it with the right cleaning accessories, here are some that you should consider buying. They are used and endorsed by thousands of pawrents.

1. Aquapaw 2-in-1 Pet bathing tool

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Aquapaw 2-in-1 bathing tool serves two dog grooming functions. You can use it as a brush to dislodge and eliminate dander, dirt, and loose hair. You can also use this brush to disentangle your dog’s matted or entangled fur.

The brush’s silicone spikes are strong enough to disentangle mattes and yet be gentle on your dog’s skin. You do not want to hurt your furkid with a brush with pointed spikes.

Besides using it as a brush, the Aquapaw works as a shower sprayer for rinsing your furry friend. It produces strong or gentle showers to help you get rid of the shampoo or soap lodged under your dog’s fur.

Made from FDA grade silicone, the Aquapaw bathing tool will stand the wear occasioning from regular use for a pretty long time. It is shatterproof, non-corrosive, and temperature resistant because silicone is tougher than plastic.

2. Bodhi Dog Grooming Shampoo Brush

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Recognized in 2020’s Family Choice Awards, Bodhi shampoo brush stands as a favorite scrubber for many pawrents. Many pet parents who’ve tried this brush rate it above 4 stars. Certainly, this dog brush will live up to its assurance.

It has a sturdy construction, skin-friendly bristles, and an ergonomic design. Like any brush, the Bodhi shampoo brush will help you scrub dirt off your dog’s coat, remove dead skin, as well as eliminate loose fur.

Apart from brushing, you can use this brush to massage the dog shampoo deep into the coat for more intensive cleaning. This will ensure that you thoroughly wash off any dirt that may still be stuck under the coat.

The spikes of this dog brush have rubberized bristles to minimize bruising or scratching your dog’s skin. In fact, the bristles are friendly to even the most sensitive skin. In view of that, your dog will not mistake brushing for some sort of punishment.

3. Bone Dry Pet Towel

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Bone Dry made this pet towel from an ultra-soft, polyester fabric with great absorbent capabilities. It will let you wipe dry your four-legged family in just a few seconds. In fact, you may not need a hairdryer if your dog has a short coat.

The Bone Dry pet towel isn’t restricted for dogs with a short coat. You can also use it to wipe dogs of different breeds. This pet towel comes in small and large sizes to let you get one that would wipe your pooch better.

Apart from wiping pets, you can use it as bedding for your pet and as a protective cover for your couch, car seats, floor, or bed. The towel is easy to clean, and its polyester fabric will hold up well for years. Its dull color will hide away the stains so you’ll not feel like you need to replace it once there are stains on it.

4. GoodBoy Dog Bathing Tether

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Many dogs, more so those that aren’t used to bathing, will not relax and let you bathe them. Instead, they will try to free themselves in all ways. If your dog is one of those uncooperative species, the GoodBoy tether is made for you.

This tether will help restrain your dog in its bathing station, thereby letting you focus on brushing, scrubbing, washing, massaging, and rinsing. It will make bath time less of a chore for you and your uncooperative pooch.

The GoodBoy dog bathing tether features a strong suction cup that attaches firmly on flat surfaces, and an adjustable leash that can fit on the necks of puppies, adult dogs, and those with a dense coat.

Once attached, this tether will restrain small and large dogs weighing up to 70lbs. The tether’s heavy-duty suction cup, leash, and buckles will last for ages.

5. Yoga Hola Peanut Butter Lick Pad

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At times, leashing your dog will not be enough to restrain or calm them down. That’s why groomers recommend that you include the Yoga Hola Dog Dispensing Treater to your grooming starter kit.

This pad will help you entertain and calm down your dog with some dog treats. It has 37 suction cups to help you attach it onto smooth surfaces, and a structured surface to reduce your canine’s eating speed.

Made from a safe plastic, this pad won’t harm your dog with noxious plasticizers. You can dish-wash it after each use.

Using this lick pad is super easy. You just smear some wet food on the pad, and then stick it somewhere near your dog’s bathing station. Afterwards, your dog will spend its bath time licking the delicious treats while letting you groom them.

6. DELOMO Pet Grooming Glove

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If your skin is sensitive to shampoo, soap, and other dog grooming agents, DELOMO’s pet grooming gloves will help. They will conceal your sensitive skin from getting into contact with irritating detergents.

Made from soft silicone and rubber, the gloves feel like your real bare hands when scrubbing and massaging your dog. They have soft silicone bristles to brush and scrub your dog’s coat thoroughly. In fact, with these gloves, you will not need a brush to remove dander, dirt, and loose hair from your dog’s coat.

DELOMO made the gloves’ back from a spandex fabric that expands and contracts to fit on small and large size palms. The gloves Velcro straps will fit snugly around your wrist. and its mesh vents will enhance breathability.

7. PETRIP Dog Hair Dryer

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A towel isn’t enough to dry your dog’s coat, more especially if the dog has a thick coat. That’s why pet groomers recommend a dog hair dryer among the most important accessories in dog bathing starter kit.

Unlike the human hairdryer, this one runs quietly and it releases moderately heated air. As such, it will not terrify your already anxious pooch with the shattering noise associated with powerful blow dryers.

The blow dryer unleashes a powerful jet of warm air to dry your dog’s fur in no time. You can adjust the air’s temperature and speed accordingly. Use the high temperature and speed setting for dogs with a dense coat, and use the low settings for dogs with short fur.

An inbuilt safety switch in this blow dryer will turn off the unit automatically when it heats up abnormally. The bristles on PETTRIP will help you untangle mattes on your dog’s fur, remove dead skin cells, as well as eliminate loose fur during the drying process.

8. Pet Neat Dog Mat and Tangles Remover

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The Pet Neat mat and tangle remover is a great tool for dogs with dense coats. This matte remover has two-sided spikes, each designed to execute various matte removing assignments. One side is great for removing stubborn mattes, and the other one is great for deshedding.

This tangle remover’s teeth have rounded tips to minimize scratch related injuries. The teeth are tough enough to run through your pup’s tangled long coat without bending or breaking.

Equipped with an ergonomic handle, your hands will not strain when using Pet Neat mat and tangles remover. Perhaps this is why the manufacturer recommends this tool to professional groomers who have several dogs to attend.

This tangle remover comes with a bonus paw tag, and an instruction manual.

9. TropiClean Shampoo for Dogs

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You can never bathe your dog without a shampoo. It will help you dislodge dirt, odor, and dead cells hidden under your dog’s fur. TropiClean made this shampoo from organic ingredients which are completely safe on your dog’s coat.

The shampoo is free of dyes, parabens, and other toxic chemicals that could irritate your dog’s skin. Its balanced PH will minimize skin damage, while its high lathering ability will help you dislodge dirt easily.

The TropiClean shampoo comes in six formulation variations each designed for deodorizing, conditioning, deep cleansing, soothing flea-bitten skin, or combat excessive shedding. You won’t miss a TropiClean shampoo for your ideal needs. No wonder it’s a best seller!

how to bathe a dog at home - clean dog

Final Thoughts

As most dogs dislike bathing, knowing how to bathe a dog at home is vital for all dog owners. You want your furkid to be healthy, so ensuring its personal hygiene is of utmost importance. However, as pawrents, we can totally understand how difficult bathing sessions can be.

With the tips above, we’re sure you can get them to love this grooming session slowly. Bathe them in lukewarm water, use pet-friendly accessories to minimize discomfort, and help them calm down when they feel scared. If you get the entire dog-bathing process right, we bet your dog will crave to have their next bathing session.

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