How Much Dog Food To Feed A Puppy

How Much Dog Food To Feed A Puppy: Puppy Care 101

Getting a puppy to join your family is exciting. These little furry friends are cute to look at, and they offer superb company. Their playful lifestyle will keep you active, and less-bored in those moments you spend together but have you wondered, how much dog food to feed a puppy is sufficient?

Trust us, feeding puppies can be a puzzle, more especially if you are used to adult dogs. At one point you’ll be scouting for the most nutritious puppy food, and in another instance, you’ll be wondering just how much dog food to feed that puppy is considered enough!

If you cannot figure out the right amount of food to give your little doggie, don’t think too much about it. This puppy feeding guide has everything you need to know about feeding those four-legged friends.

How much dog food to feed a puppy?

The amount of food to feed a puppy will depend on its weight, age, and gender. In most cases, you will find the complete feeding information on your puppy food’s label. However, if you really want to crosscheck, this feeding chart for puppies will act as a benchmark.

Since each puppy is quite unique, it would be prudent to regulate the amounts according to your puppy’s feeding habits. Start by feeding them an amount they can finish easily, at their most favorite time.

Why feed your puppy more regularly?

Puppies have a small stomach, and a huge appetite. As such, if you give them large portions at once, they will end up overeating, a habit that will trigger bloating, diarrhea, and a couple of digestive issues.

Therefore, it would matter to divide the recommended portions into 4 or 6 parts, and spread them evenly throughout the day. That way, you can ensure that your puppy take in enough without overeating.

While there is no definite time to feed puppies, vets suggest that you provide the first meal early in the day and the last meal by 6pm. An early breakfast will provide the energy needed to start an active day. Likewise, a 6pm supper will minimize toileting accidents at night.

How can you stick to your puppy feeding routine?

As can be seen, feeding puppies is a task that requires serious commitment. You need to give them right quantities, at the right time, each day. It’s no wonder many dog parents would ask how much dog food to feed a puppy to keep it healthy. But, unfortunately, if you have busy schedules, we bet that you will find it difficult to stick onto this demanding feeding routine.

The way out? Just invest in an automatic pet feeder. This appliance will automatically dispense the right dog food, at a specified time. The feeder will let you focus on your work, trip, and other important things.

However, to ensure that you can rely on the feeder to do the job, you may want to spend the first couple of days letting your puppy get used to eating from the feeder. At the start, your pup may not realise that it’s supposed to eat from the feeder.

Introduce the feeder to your little furkid and go through the routine with it for 1-2 days and your pup should be used to the feeder. You should be able to let the feeder do the job of feeding your pup while you’re busy at work.

What’s the best automatic pet feeder for puppies?

Since there are thousands of feeders available in the marketplace, we’ve identified 8 most efficient, user-friendly, and durable units that are worth buying. Check out the following picks to get an automatic pet feeder that fits your lifestyle.

1. PetSafe Automatic Food Dispenser

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Rated 5 stars by around 70% of pet parents who’ve tried it, PetSafe automatic food dispenser for puppies is arguably one of the best units to buy. There are low chances of this feeder failing you.

It dispenses 12 times a day, at pre-set time intervals. Depending on your puppy’s nutritional requirements, you can program this unit to mete out any amount of puppy food, starting from 1/8 a cup.

This puppy feeder dispenses dry and fairly moist dog food without issue. So, buying this single unit would save you from buying two food dispensers—one for wet food, and another for dry food.

Featuring a pet-proof design, your active puppy won’t tamper with this unit’s settings. You will rest assured that your cute puppy will not miss a meal simply because it tampered with the feeder’s settings.

What I like:What I dislike:
• BPA-free components• No on/off switch
• Slow feed option for puppies that eat quickly• Quite hard to program
• Easy to clean
• Dual powered
• Anti-jam prevention

2. AIPET Automatic Pet Feeder

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Though it looks simple, AIPET’s automatic pet feeder works perfectly well. It can dispense wet and dry puppy food, six times a day. In addition, you can use this automatic puppy feeder to serve different types of food.

So, if your puppy dislikes taking a similar meal frequently, this pet feeder will be your best deal. Just fill different food types into the feeder’s food tray, and then, set the unit to dispense the food at the most appropriate time.

AIPET made this top rated feeder from a sturdy PBA-free ABS, a material that will tolerate heavy use for several years. This sturdy construction is ideal if you own a highly active pet that is likely to abuse the feeder.

This top rated puppy feeder is powered through batteries and a USB power cord. So, in case there is a power outage, your lovely puppy will still get its share.

What I like:What I dislike:
• Dispenses several types of puppy food• Need to reset it daily
• Easy to operate
• Durable ABS construction
• Dual powered
• Non-slip base

3. HICTOP Auto Dog Food Dispenser

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This automatic dog food dispenser is an upgraded version of the previous pet food dispensers from HICTOP. The new version has several improvements that will simplify puppy feeding.

It has an infrared sensor to minimize dispensing little or more dog food, and a voice message to alert your puppy when it is time to feast.

Moreover, the HICTOP auto dog food dispenser has a removable food tray that simplifies cleaning, and a dual powered system that will prevent your pet from missing their food due an outage. This unit dispenses food four times a day.

With this dog food dispenser, you can dictate the quantity of food meted out during each meal time. It is as intelligent as a human. It knows how much dog food to feed a puppy at any given time.

What I like:What I dislike:
• Dual powered• Screen does not have a backlit
• Easy to use control panel• Doesn’t dispense wet food
• Durable ABS construction
• Transparent top
• Voice message alert

4. TSYMO Automatic Puppy Feeder

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If you have a special liking for smart home gadgets, the TSYMO app-controlled pet feeder, would be your top pick. You can operate it remotely using an app, as long as it is connected to a 2.4GHz WIFI.

Besides its smart capability, TSYMO’s automatic puppy feeder comes with plenty of features to streamline your pet feeding experience. It has a voice recorder that calls your puppy when it is time to eat, and an infrared detection technology to minimize clogging.

Also, this app-controlled puppy feeder has an inbuilt desiccant box to keep your puppy food fresh for long, and a LED indicator light to notify you when it is time to add more puppy food into the unit.

TSYMO can schedule up to 15 meals a day. Different from the units that dispense a constant quantity in all meals, you can program this smart feeder to offer varying amounts in each meal time.

What I like:What I dislike:
• Voice recorder alert• Dispenses dry food only
• App control
• Dual power supply
• Removable, cleanable tray
• Anti-clog technology

5. TX2 Automatic Food Dispenser

=> Check out TX2 Automatic Food Dispenser on Amazon

This automatic food dispenser is designed to dispense virtually any puppy food. It can mete out wet, large-kibbled, or dry food without issue. In addition, this TX2 automatic food dispenser can offer your puppy two different types of food in a day.

TX2 features two feeding trays, each with a maximum capacity of 1.5 cups. However, since pets have varying dietary requirements, you don’t have to fill the trays to capacity. You just load them with the amount your puppy will consume comfortably.

Equipped with non-slip rubber feet, TX2 will not slide around when your cute puppy is enjoying their meal. The rubberized feet will maintain their non-slip stability even when used on ultra-smooth surfaces.

Programming the TX2 automatic food dispenser is easy since there aren’t much dispensing parameters to regulate. The only thing to set is the timer for opening the dispenser’s two lids.

What I like:What I dislike:
• Simple to operate• Not dual powered
• Works efficiently• Not great for puppies that feed several times a day
• Rubberized feet
• Dispenses all types of food

6. WOPET Dog Auto Food Dispenser

=> Check out WOPET Dog Auto Food Dispenser on Amazon

Boasting of a 7-litre capacity, WOPET’s auto food dispenser stands as an ideal pick for pet parents with large-sized puppies. It will accommodate enough food to serve your puppy for a couple of days before you consider refilling the unit.

WOPET auto food dispenser has an on-board voice recorder that will alert your puppy when it is meal time. With your voice calling, that little furry friend will feel your presence even when you are far away from home.

With this food dispenser, you can dictate the amount of food that your pet receives each meal time. It dispenses 4 meals a day.

Featuring a dual powered system, your puppy will never stay hungry simply because the unit’s batteries drained unexpectedly, or there was a power outage. The unit’s ABS construction will last for years.

What I like:What I dislike:
• Large capacity• Jostling the unit dispenses some food
• Easy to program
• Long lasting ABS construction
• Dual power supply
• Voice broadcast
• Transparent storage unit

7. Iseebiz Dog Food Dispenser

=> Check out Iseebiz Dog Food Dispenser on Amazon

Iseebiz made this dog food dispenser for pet parents who have an obsession with stylish home appliances. It features an alien robot design, a style that will surely add some luxurious makeup to your interior.

The Iseebiz dog food dispenser isn’t just cute, but it also runs efficiently. It has an infrared detector to minimize overflow or jamming, and a dual power supply system to minimize chances of your pet missing a meal.

Moreover, this stylish food dispenser has an efficient portion scheduler which dispenses up to four portions in a day. When it’s time for feasting, this unit will play your recorded voice to alert that little cute four-legged friend.

What I like:What I dislike:
• Eye striking design• Not for wet food
• Voice record reminder• It resets itself when switched off
• Dual power supply
• User-friendly

8. LeeKooLuu Smart Feeder with Camera

=> Check out LeeKooLuu Smart Feeder with Camera on Amazon

Quite different from the conventional puppy feeders, this model from LeeKooLuu has an HD camera and a two way voice recorder. It will help you keep in touch with that little furry friend, even when you are miles apart.

You can watch it take its meal, encourage it to complete their share, or calm it down just in case you realize the puppy is restless. With LeeKooLuu smart feeder, your puppy will feel your presence.

Since this smart dog feeder is app controlled, you will control portions and stream videos remotely. You can schedule up to six meals of varying quantities, and when it is time for feasting, this unit’s will use your recorded voice as an alert.

What I like:What I dislike:
• Video streaming• Quite costly
• App controlled
• Easy to operate
• Two way voice recorder
• HD camera with night vision
• Dual powered

Final thoughts on how much dog food to feed a puppy?

The amount of food eaten by puppies depends on age, gender, general health, and size. For instance, large breed puppies, aged between 6-12 weeks tend to eat more than small size dog breeds.

You can always find the right, recommended quantities on the puppy food’s label. Since the recommendations are mere estimations, it would be prudent to adjust the amounts according your puppy feeding behavior. Provide what it can finish without allowing overeating.

If you are too busy to stick to your puppy-feeding schedule, invest in an automatic pet feeder. This appliance will dispense the right amount of food to your puppy when you are away from home. That way, you don’t have to wonder how much dog food to feed a puppy to keep it healthy and happy.

My personal favorite is #2 because I like that this feeder allows me to switch up the types of food I feed to my furkid. Also, it’s made of a durable material so it can last for many years. Although I’ll need to reset the feeder daily, I don’t mind because I’ll need to check on the food supply in the feeder anyway. So, which will you pick?

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