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Dog Shedding Vacuum: Top 5 Vacuums & Accessories

Hair here, there and everywhere! Dogs are a joy to have around, but not without anything in exchange. It comes like a silent warning to expect shedding in your house once you welcome Fido into your family. From harmless strands to massive furballs, we understand this hairy dilemma.

So in this article, we present some trusted, well-loved, and affordable dog shedding vacuums to help you ease into a blissful and hair-free home. Our top picks are based on the highest reviews and ratings on Amazon for your easy reference, convenient purchase, and fuss-free use.

Brushing 101 for Fido

One thing that often frustrates pawrents is the fact that dog hair flies and sticks just about everywhere, especially for long-haired dogs. You can find them on your couch, on your desk, on your bed, on your clothes, all over the floor.

A major solution for this is scheduling brushing sessions with your canine to prevent these loose hair incidences. Aside from preventing hairs from landing on your things inside the house, regularly brushing also distributes sebum properly all over your dog’s body, leaving him with a shiny and healthy-looking coat. Now the question is, how often should you brush your dog’s hair?

For long-haired breeds, a weekly session would suffice. They require a consistent routine of brushing since they are more susceptible to matting. Since their furs are thicker than other breeds, a pin brush is the best choice. These breeds include Collies, Afghan hounds, and Shih Tzus.

Short-haired breeds like Labrador Retrievers, Greyhounds, and Dalmatians are okay with brushing every couple of weeks. A rubber brush or a grooming glove is your best option to keep their coats shiny and healthy.

Breeds with short, wiry hair like Dachshunds and most terriers will shed as much as shedders, but they also often get debris on their coatings. A regular brushing session every couple of days should be enough to keep them healthy and happy. You can opt for a combination of slicker brush and a metal comb to give their furs a good go.

Using a dog shedding vacuum will help you greatly in removing this unsightly and unhygienic dog hair flying around the house. Check out the reviews below for your ideal dog hair vacuum.

  1. FURminator FurVac Dog Hair Vacuum Accessory

When searching for an easy-use, easy-assembly dog shedder vacuum in the market, let your search lead you to the FURminator FurVac Dog Hair Vacuum Accessory. It comes with two attachments with a precise fit to the right vacuum cleaner for your convenient de-shedding session with your canine.

This FURminator Dog Hair Vacuum is compatible with cleaner hoses with an internal diameter of 1-3/8 inches to 1-7/16 inches and fits like a glove to the right machine for your convenient accident-free use. Choose this high-quality grooming essential for your everyday use at home. No more need to step out of the house to give your Fido a meticulous de-shedding session. Say goodbye finally to the loose hairs on your sofas and beds and make fur disposal easier, better, and faster.

This vacuum accessory assembles securely without any gaps around it, which gives you a powerful vacuum that takes in all the strands for you. To use, simply attach the parts to your cleaner hose and start de-shedding your dog. Press the button on the attachment to have the furs vacuumed inside your machine. Repeat the process until your canine is shed-free with a shiny coat.

  1. Penn-Plax VacGroom Pet Grooming and Shedding Vacuum Attachment Kit

De-shedding your dog is a breeze with the simple yet powerful components of this Penn-Plax VacGroom Pet Grooming and Shedding Vacuum Attachment Kit. Altogether, its box comes with a grooming tool, three interchangeable combs, and a 46-inch extension hose for universal use.

Any circular channel can accommodate the universal round shape of the VacGroom hose, removing any trace of hassle or disruption when it’s time to brush and de-shed your canine. This gives you a limitless number of options for your attachment convenience. As long as the hose is not triangular or non-round, this VacGroom Attachment Kit will do just fine for your canine.

Some compatible models include Shark, Dyson, Hoover, Shop-Vac, Kirby, and Rainbow so the options are expansive. Meanwhile, the interchangeable combs give you options for the best comb type for your dog’s fur. They come in varying lengths, depth, and finish to suit any breed’s coat – long, short, or medium.

Choose from the shedding comb, the flea comb, and the upholstery brush – all suitable for canines and cats. Have an easy time attaching all the parts of this dog shedding vacuum and finish the whole process faster than usual.

  1. Dyson Groom Tool

This Dyson Groom Tool provides that slick movement you’re aiming for. Suitable for all breeds with medium to long hair, you’ll love combing your dog’s coat with this grooming tool. Its main goal is to remove loose hair before it comes scattering about in your house. It also catches traces of allergens and dead skin cells to give your dog a sustainable and improved coat shine and condition while maintaining a fresh and healthy ambiance inside your home.

Looking at the Dyson Groom Tool carefully, you can see how it features flexible bristles that give you a good angle for all the crevices and nooks of your dog’s body. It has an ergonomic switch that you can easily press with swift control of your thumb.

In addition, its self-clean and self-store modes are designed to make every pawrent’s life easier so there’s no more need to chase after the brushed hair strands and risk a sneezing spree in case of allergic reactions among your family. Overall, it’s the perfect tool for your medium or long-haired canine while making everything swift and practical for you.

The compatible Dyson vacuum models are as follows: DC50, DC28, DC14, DC40, DC65, DC17, DC07, DC41, DC15, DC23, DC18, DC25, DC11, DC24, DC26, DC22, DC33, and DC27.

  1. Gforest Pet Vacuum Grooming Brush

This Gforest Pet Vacuum Grooming Brush is designed specifically for long-haired breeds such as Labrador Retrievers, Huskies, and German Shepherds. It’s made to groom and vacuum to prevent a shedding spree inside your home while keeping your dog’s coat beautiful.

Use this to groom and vacuum while also getting rid of unwanted loose hair. You can also distribute oils properly throughout your dog’s fur and witness a healthy shine throughout the days to follow. Overall, you can use this grooming brush as a de-shedder, everyday brush, and pet hair remover to keep your home tidy and your pet well-groomed and loved.

This grooming tool has a nearly universal fit that sits well in cleaner hoses with 1 ¼ to 2 inches of diameter. It comes with an extension hose that can be stretched from 13 to 37 inches. This is particularly useful for skittish canines or playful pooches to avoid accidents during the session. Chasing them would prove to be easier with an extensive hose than risking them running away from you.

To use the entire tool, secure the attachments in place and let the tool do the vacuuming. Press the button on the attachment to absorb in all the fur strands and keep from blowing away. All in all, this dog shedding vacuum makes for a better cleaning process after all the de-shedding has been completed.

Once you’re done, you’ll already have all the loose hair gathered in one bag for single disposal rather than sweeping everything off the floor. Invest in the Gforest Pet Vacuum Grooming Brush for your everyday use and never book for a grooming schedule again!

  1. KEEPOW Groom Tool Dog Pet Cleaning Brush

Keeping your dog’s hair in one bag comes easy with this KEEPOW Groom Tool Dog Pet Cleaning Brush. It provides the perfect solution for your modern-day dilemma with its straightforward attachment and versatile structure. It fits original KEEPOW vacuuming units that come in the following models: V6, DC35, DC45, DC58, DC59, and DC62. You may also use it with vacuum cleaner models including V7, V8, V10, and V11 with the Quick Release Adapter Converter feature.

This grooming tool attachment is truly gentle on your dog’s coat and skin while doing its job of removing loose hair, dead skin cells, and debris from Fido’s fur surface. This is best suited for breeds with medium-length hair such as poodles, terrier variations, bearded collies. You’d definitely find it a joy to de-shed your dog with every chance possible without hurting them or overdoing the brushing.

This KEEPOW Cleaning Brush gives the right level of handling, the perfect angle for de-shedding, and wide compatibility for various vacuum units that will let you do the job with complete ease and functionality.

Final Thoughts

The shedding season can be challenging for dog owners, but the right pet vacuum can lift all your worries and make your job easier. Aside from saving on expensive grooming sessions, having your own pet hair vacuum at home can provide the regular de-shedding Fido needs.

We hope this quick list of dog shedding vacuums and accessories helps you find the right fit for you and your canine. With the best vacuum unit or accessory in tow, let your dog’s coat shine made possible with fuss-free de-shedding.

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