Do Dog Owners Live Longer

Do Dog Owners Live Longer?

Do dog owners live longer than those who do not keep dogs? Studies reveal that dog parents do indeed enjoy longer lives. What’s more, these very same studies further tell us that not only do dog parents enjoy longer lives, but they also actually live happier and healthier lives.

In fact, these studies have also revealed that it does not necessarily be dogs that you keep as pets. You can also be keeping other animals such as cats, hamsters or guinea pigs. In general, pet owners are happier and live a longer life than those who don’t keep any pets.

Why Dog Owners Live Longer?

Owning or caring for a dog comes with several benefits. Dogs are a source of unconditional love to their human parents and it is true the other way round, too. We also give unconditionally when we take care of our furry kid. It does not matter which breed of dog you’re keeping, you’ll still get the same benefits.

So, if you are still skeptical as to whether or not to own a dog, here are some facts that may help dispel your doubts.

1: Dogs Relieve Stress and Help You Relax

Do you know that when your beloved puppy cuddles up to you or when you hang out with your dog, this offers you considerable stress relief? Even something as simple as lying in bed with your pup or watching your furry kid run around the house or roll on the grass can greatly calm your mind and rest your body.

When we are stressed, our body releases adrenaline and cortisol hormones and this results in increased blood pressure, stiffening of muscles and rapid heart rate. However, studies show that interacting with our beloved pet considerably reduces the stress effects on our body.

This happens due to a decrease in production of those stress-releasing hormones. The decrease means that our body feels more relaxed. And since the workings of our body and mind are closely linked, our mind now also becomes calm and restful.

2: Staying in Shape

Owning a dog makes us stay more active than normal. Dogs need (in fact, demand for) regular walking outdoors. You’ll have to bring them for their daily walks where they can release themselves. You can consider it is as part of their exercise routine and it’s also crucial for a healthy life. Taking regular walks will also make your dogs happier.

Now, walking your dog offers a number of benefits. Walking keeps you fitter, eases your mind, releases stress and helps you spend more time outdoors. In addition, it also provides you with the opportunity to socialize with fellow dog walkers, neighbors and so on.

happy dog

3: Socialization

Pet parents enjoy far more socialization opportunities than people who do not like owning pets. Once you take your dog to the park for a walk, typically you’ll find many people stopping to pet the dog, ask for his name, etc.

This helps you get quickly acquainted with many of the regular walkers at the park, all thanks to your dog. Attending dog shows, taking your pet to the vet clinic for check-up or bringing your dog to the groomer’s—all of these also give you great opportunities to meet new people.

4: Alleviate Loneliness

Many people (those who do not own pets) sound skeptical about this. However, the truth is that (and any loving dog parent will vouch for this) pets do become our veritable companions and help alleviate loneliness.

This is especially true for elderly people who typically enjoy limited scopes for socialization compared to younger folks. Loneliness is a painful experience, to say the least, and can be greatly debilitating both for our body and mind. With a pet around, chances are you will feel much less lonely and your happiness will increase, no matter what age you are at.

5: Makes You Laugh More Often

In case you’re not aware, laughter is the best medicine. Laughter has been proven to help make a patient recover faster and keep a person young. And what other ways to make you laugh more easily than a lovable, playful dog?

Let’s face it, how many times have you lost track of time watching funny dog videos? Ask any dog parent and they can tell you countless funny episodes of their dogs’ deeds. Or how happy they feel when they are greeted by their dogs when they reach home at the end of a tiring and busy work day. Having a pet dog will give you endless hours of fun and joy as you play with it.

Final Thoughts

So do dog owners live longer? You bet! If you’re still not convinced if you should own a dog, maybe the above 5 benefits will convince you!

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