9 Best Dog Bed for Older Dogs

Dogs experience a lot as they age. Their energy levels reduce, and some age-related conditions begin taking a toll on them. Consequently, these senior furry friends will naturally start spending much of their time napping.

When such a time comes, don’t watch them sleep on unsuitable surfaces. Instead, get your old buddies the best dog bed for older dogs. The soft and supportive bed will keep your dog comfortable throughout its sleep time.

If you are not sure which bed would be right, don’t fret. We have assessed the best dog beds that will keep your aging buddy contented all through their golden life.

What is the best dog bed for older dogs?

Senior dogs have varying needs. Some need supportive beds to relieve discomfort at pressure points, and others need a bed to keep them warm. Other oldies need a soft, comfortable dog bed where they can relax the whole day long.

Regardless of your dog’s needs, the market has an appropriate bed for your aging pooch. Below are the common types which are suitable for various age-related needs.

1: Memory foam dog bed for older dogs

Made from viscoelastic foam, this bed is arguably the most comfortable option for senior dogs. It will mold to your dog’s body curves to relieve pressure and pain on aching muscles, joints, and spine.

This type of dog beds provides the comfort and support that your canine needs to nap for those prolonged periods. Vets recommend memory foam beds for senior dogs living with arthritis, muscle pain, and spine problems.

2: Orthopedic dog bed for senior dogs

Many old dogs spend approximately 20 hours a day sleeping. As a result, their hips and elbows are likely to end up aching or may even develop calluses due to the extended pressure they get. An orthopedic dog bed was made for such dogs.

It has a firm surface that distributes your dog’s body weight evenly to alleviate pressure exerted on the elbow, muscles, bones, and joints. The support and comfort from this bed will minimize pain and discomfort, thereby improving sleep.

senior dog

3: Heated beds for old dogs

Like the name suggests, these beds heat up to keep your aging furry friend warm during those cold, wintery days. Besides keeping your senior dog warm, the heat from this bed can help soothe achy joints, spine, and muscles.

This best dog bed for older dogs is particularly great for furless old dogs and during the colder seasons. Those dogs that cannot keep warm by themselves, as well as those recovering from injuries.

Heated beds have a regulator to set the right temperature and a thermostat to prevent overheating.

4: Cave beds for old dogs

This hooded bed provides an enclosed, soft, and cuddly space where your aging pet will relax in those chilly days when you won’t allow them to snuggle under your duvets or blankets.

The bed’s hood will hug your old buddy, making them feel safe as they nap or sleep in this cave-like bed for senior dogs. It is great for old dogs with separation and or anxiety disorders.

5: Outdoor pet cot

If your senior dog enjoys passing time outdoors, a pet coat would be ideal. Made from weatherproof materials, the cot provides an elevated sleeping spot where your dog can chill as it enjoys the gifts of Mother Nature. The cot will raise your older pooch off the muddy, wet, cold, or uneven grassy ground.

9 Best Dog Beds Recommended For Senior Dogs

Suppose you are purchasing for the first time, and you doubt your choosing power, or you lack a specific dog bed in mind, the following options won’t disappoint you. Many pet parents use and recommend them.

1: PetFusion Ultimate Orthopedic Dog Bed

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• CertiPUR-US memory foam base
• Removable, breathable, waterproof cover
• Non-skid bottom
• Support bolsters
• Three size options

PetFusion made this orthopedic dog bed from CertiPUR-US foam, a highly supportive material. It distributes your dog’s weight evenly to minimize discomfort at your canine’s joints, spine, and pressure points.

CertiPUR-US isn’t just supportive. But, it is free of the harmful elements like mercury, formaldehyde, lead, and phthalates. Rest assured you won’t sacrifice your senior dog’s health for comfort.

PetFusion’s CertiPUR-US foam has a soft, breathable cover that safeguards it from stains, spills, and other forms of soiling. As a bonus, the cover has a waterproof lining to prevent urine and other liquids from seeping into the foam.

When soiled, just unzip the cover, remove it from the foam, and then, clean it in your washing machine. This orthopedic bed for old dogs comes in multiple size variations. You can always find the right one for your aging pup.

2: Dogbed4less Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

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• Made of gel-infused memory foam
• Removable, washable cover
• Seven size variations
• Internal waterproof cover
• Hypoallergenic

Though it looks like a simple foam mattress, this best bed for senior dogs has everything required to keep your aging buddy comfortable throughout its golden years. Don’t let the simple looks deceive you.

DogBed4less fabricated this bed from gel-infused memory foam, a material with first-rate comfort and support. It will distribute your dog’s weight evenly to relieve stress on pressure points.

This bed has two covers, each playing an important role. It has blue denim outer cover protects the foam from soiling. Also, this dog bed has a waterproof interior cover which shields the foam from bladder accidents and liquid spills.

You can remove and wash both covers whenever they get soiled.

3: Furhaven Orthopedic Dog Bed

=> Check out Furhaven Orthopedic Dog Bed on Amazon

• Multiple colors and sizes
• Classic sofa design
• Made of orthopedic support foam
• Easy care covers
• Fluffy, filled bolsters

Furhaven, a respected manufacturer of pet products, made this sofa-style dog bed for senior dogs that fancy sofas. Unique from the ordinary sofa, this type is low and more supportive. Your old buddy will hop onto and out of it quickly.

The sofa’s orthopedic foam provides a firm, supportive surface that relieves discomfort on pressure points. As such, this bed would be an excellent fit for senior dogs living with various joint, spine, and muscle conditions.

Like many top-rated dog beds for old dogs, Furhaven’s bed has removable, washable covers. They are rugged enough to stand the test of time, and soft enough to enhance your dog’s comfort.

The bed covers come in 17 color variations. With these choices, you won’t miss a color that blends well with your interior furnishings.

4: Best Friends OrthoComfort Cuddler

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• Machine washable
• Waterproof bottom
• Made of pet-safe airLOFT fiber
• Self-warming
• Multiple sizes and colors

Best Friends OrthoComfort cuddler features a dish-like design that provides a sense of security to anxious or timid dogs. Besides, this bed provides warmth, and it cuddles your lovely four-legged friend comfortably as they sleep.

This cuddler comes in four sizes, designed to accommodate various dog breeds. Also, this best bed for older dogs comes in 16 color choices to let you invest in one that would look great in your home.

Just like how you may like all your dog furniture to blend in with the rest of the designs in your home, you would not want you dog bed to stick out like an eye sore. With son many color choices, you’ll definitely find one what fits in well.

The OrthoComfort Cuddler’s sleeping surface is stuffed with airLOFT fibers to create a soft, comfy, resting platform. We bet your older dog will enjoy napping or just relax on this new bed.

Cleaning this best dog bed for older dogs is a breeze. Just get it into your washing machine to clear those unsightly stains.

5: AILEEPET Heating Pad for Dogs

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• Pad made from refractory wool
• Auto power-off function
• Adjustable temperature
• Removable, washable cover
• Thermostat controlled

Some dogs, especially the furless breeds, can find it hard to keep warm during their golden age. If you are a parent to such a pup, don’t let it struggle to keep warm. Gift it with the AILEEPET heated bed.

The pad has a heater to keep your dog warm during those cold seasons, a thermostat to curb overheating, and a regulator to adjust the temperatures appropriately. Moreover, this bed has a timer to shut down the heating function after a preset period.

AILEPEET heating pad will not just keep your aging dog warm. It will also provide a comfy space where they can rest, sleep, or nap the whole day long, thanks to the refractory wool pads on this bed.

It has a removable, washable external cover to enhance cleanability, and a PVC cover to protect the refractory wool and heating system from water damage. The bed is an excellent fit for incontinence dogs.

6: Furhaven Orthopedic dog bed with hood

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• Hooded
• Multiple colors and sizes
• Fleece-lined sleeping surface
• Made of orthopedic foam
• Removable, washable bed cover

The Furhaven orthopedic dog bed stands out for one reason—an integrated hood that converts the bed into a tented cave. It would be a good pick for canines that enjoy burrowing and nestling, as well as those with separation anxiety.

Made from an orthopedic foam covered with a fleece-lined cover, this dog bed for older dogs will keep your four-legged friend comfortable throughout those prolonged sleeping times. The foam will relieve stress, pain, and discomfort on your dog’s pressure points.

Though lined with fleece, cleaning the covers is an easy-peasy task. You unzip them from the foam, and throw them to your washing machine wash to get the job done. The covers come in several color choices too.

7: K&H Elevated Pet Cot

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• Lightweight metal frame
• Slip-resistant feet
• Made of waterproof rubber and fabric
• Mesh center
• Removable, washable cover

If your senior pup enjoys the outdoor vibe, get them the K&H elevated pet cot, a bed designed to elevate your senior dog off the wet, cold, rigid, or uneven ground.

Made from weatherproof materials, this dog bed will stand the test of time. It will not wear out quickly upon exposing it to direct sunlight, high humidity, rain, and other elements.

K&H elevated dog cot isn’t just weatherproof. But, it is also washable. You can clean the frame with running water from a hose. If the top cover is soiled, clean it in your washing machine.

When your dog is done relaxing, disassemble the bed and keep it indoors. You will not need tools or advanced technical skills to assemble and disassemble the cot.

8: The Dog’s Balls Orthopedic Dog Bed

=> Check out The Dog’s Balls Orthopedic Dog Bed on Amazon

• Made of premium memory foam
• Removable, washable cover
• Available in multiple colors and sizes
• Waterproof lining

Made from a high-density, premium grade memory foam, this orthopedic dog bed stands out among the most comfortable and supportive beds for older dogs. It is great for aging dogs recovering from surgery, or those living with elbow dysplasia and torn ligaments.

The high-density memory foam has two covers. It has a waterproof mattress protector which shields the foam from incontinence accidents, and an outer cover that provides a fluffy, warm sleeping space.

Both covers are removable, washable, and durable. As an extra, the outer cover is available in 14 color variations, a great bonus feature for pet parents who wouldn’t want to compromise their interior aesthetics.

9: K&H Pet Thermo-Snuggly Heated Bed

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• Thermostatically controlled
• Cuddler style design
• Safety certified
• Detachable heater
• Removable, washable cover
• Sleeping surface made of stuffed plush

This heated bed stands among the pet parents’ favorites simply because it is appropriate for all seasons. You can use it as a heated bed during the cold season, and an ordinary bed during the hot days. Thanks to the removable heater.

While some heated beds are potentially unsafe, this one isn’t. It has a thermostat that prevents overheating, the major mishap associated with using heated beds. It is safety certified by MET Labs.

Its sleeping surface has a breathable pad stuffed with plush to keep your aging dog comfortably warm. The pad’s sturdy cover is removable, washable, and highly resistant to stains.

Final Thoughts

Whichever dog bed you choose, there are three essential qualities that you should carefully consider before making your purchase. The best dog bed for older dogs should offer a generous space for sleeping and a little play.

Two, the bed should be easy to clean since old dogs are likely to soil it with bladder accidents, treats, and dander. Three, since old dogs might be too weak to go up and down a high bed, make sure the one you settle on is easy to access.

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